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The perks of California welfare system

The LA Times just published a article that said over 70 million dollars from California Welfare System credit cards have shown up in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Flordia, cruise ships, and vacation spots in Europe.

The system is so bad that they cannot trace whos card it was only that it was drawn on the CA Welfare System account.

Welfare fraud is big business and welfare is always one of the largest budget items in every state. What can be done that provides for a better system and stops / prevents / holds crooks accountable.

With millions out of work and millions in need this is a important issue.


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  • May 5 2013: Institutions crumbling everywhere. In our frustration, we single them out as if they are isolated events and can be repaired. Alas, they cannot. The fragmentation is pickin up steam.

    Relief comes from an examination of what is COMMON to all that is declining. Otherwise, keep movin those deck chairs as furiously as you can.
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      May 5 2013: Scott, We have over the years beat up almost every "stupid finicial act" at federal, state, and local levels. Most of the travisties still continue. I was really surprised that the cards had no means of tracking them back to the person they were issued to. This begs thieft, corruption, etc ...

      I could ... by my standards and opinions .... start a finger pointing campaign to what is common and could even provide some facts that would back me up. Those opposed would point back and say it ain't so.

      The one common thing that all states and even the EU countries share is the welfare programs are the largest budget item on thier plates. These same folks share the fact that they spend more than they make thus making the debit higher than the GDP. We could start with those two areas and MAYBE allow the ship to limp back to safety and give the deck hands a break in moving the deck chairs.

      It ain't a cure ... but ya gotta start somewhere. My suggestion is to get rid of the fed and take checkbooks away from elected idiots. Currently these people are above the law .... they must be held accountable other than by elections.

      Thanks for the reply. I wish you well. Bob.
      • May 5 2013: Hi Bob. I think what is common to these seemingly isolated crumblings is also common to all of us. The institutions are us and we are the institutions. The system we currently have in place to elect our leaders actually Selects for a certain Type of Being. In very much the same way a public school "system" will Select a certain Type of Being. That Ecosystem identifies those "winners-in-the-system" as Gifted or as Leaders. In the Political case, it does not select for Idiots but Rather a lower "quality" of Awareness. (I use Quality for lack of a better word). SO, your Idiots are really just small, seemingly isolated, packets of awareness that are Truly Doing the Best that they can. A monkey wearing a $700 suit is still a monkey. It is still a monkey who wages wars, centrally plans lacking sufficient perspective, and rules its entire life from an Ego Dominant vantage point. Once this is truly recognized and understood, we begin to divert our attention from the misperceived idiocy of individuals to the Ecosystem as a Whole which Selects for them. We begin speculate on tweaks that will slowly begin to transform the ecosystem. As we engage in speculative dialogue (not debate), one theme is maintained: what will Select & Support the presence of a higher quality of Consciousness in Leadership?

        I use the term monkey not in a derogatory sense but rather to illustrate a point for they exist on all parts of the political spectrum. Further, I consider myself a monkey who's just barely bright enough to realize politics, in its current manifestation, is a net destructive force. Simply examine our trajectory to see this.

        To be sure, we are ruled by inferiors. There's no sense in defending truth when it speaks for itself.
        I admire your passion and engagement.

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