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The perks of California welfare system

The LA Times just published a article that said over 70 million dollars from California Welfare System credit cards have shown up in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Flordia, cruise ships, and vacation spots in Europe.

The system is so bad that they cannot trace whos card it was only that it was drawn on the CA Welfare System account.

Welfare fraud is big business and welfare is always one of the largest budget items in every state. What can be done that provides for a better system and stops / prevents / holds crooks accountable.

With millions out of work and millions in need this is a important issue.


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  • May 5 2013: The welfare system?
    Bankers, stockbrokers, financial institutions, the medical insurance industry, the CIA, who blatantly admitted they lost? Lost? 2.3 trillion dollars!!!!!!!!!! Have you forgotten the bailout? HMMMMMMMMMM?
    Have you forgotten the bonuses they got paid and how they partied? How could you focus on this trivial stuff when those at the top are stealing enormous amounts of money from you?

    Well, that's just what they want you to do. Look the other way. Look the wrong way. Look at the wrong group.
    And that's what most are doing.

    A billion dollars is 1,000 times more than a million. A trillion is a million, million. You are looking in the wrong direction and at the wrong people concerning a welfare system.

    Welfare people live at the top, on the backs of others and very, very well.
    It is even in most of your institutions.
    Don't forget the California school that needed books, working toilets and the Administration spent $150,000 on a new school logo, new teacher lounges, furniture and other comfort perks and left the students without books or working toilets.

    You said it yourself: "Welfare fraud is big business"
    That's why the money, the real money, the real big money, goes up, not down.
    The Big Dig? Supposed to cost $2.8 billion. Finished up at $14.6 billion, ultimately estimated to go higher yet to $22 billion.
    Do you think this money went into the pockets and accounts of regular workers?
    HA! No. It went somewhere else. Just look up when ever you wish to know who are the real crooks

    The creation of the first Superfund, designated to cleanup 20,000 nuclear waste sites.

    The immediate loss of, I think it was, 1.3 or 1.5 billion dollars for this purpose.
    Still has never been found. One person went to prison for it, but she didn't have the money but one thing you can bet on, someone high up does. Someone you might vote for or already have. Someone you believe and trust, who is filthy rich.

    That's your welfare system.
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      May 5 2013: RC, We have on many occassion beat all of these "robberies" up. Also included disaster relief and other big money "goofs" by feds, states, locals, etc ...

      This just happened to be the latest news story. I was amazed that the cards could not be traced to the person they were issued to .... that appears to me begging for problems.

      We could all point at someone and say they cheated and profited. When Nancy Polsi got caught with insider trading on the VISA issue and made millions. There were a couple of stories and the news tucked in their collective tails and said it was ok for her to cheat because she is a memeber of the elete ... it is only against the law if your not in congress or higher.

      Some TED members hold that ALL citizens should be judged equally. Some hold to party alligiance and oppose equality and support eletism.

      That is not "my welfare system" ... I would support a hand up system not a hand out system.


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