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Should large companies/corporations get their own states?

In 1929 Vatican City was established as an independent country. It houses probably the world's largest business: Catholic church ... given the nature of religions as some sort of spiritual insurance entity ... Should large corporations have the same privileges?

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    May 5 2013: I suppose the could start there own country. But they would have to provide their own defense and police which would be expensive, which would make them not want to. Also the country they are in now is there customer
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      May 6 2013: Well, they could follow the Vatican model... Have their own lean little Swiss guard.... The nationality could be ooptional ... Just have a bunch of mercenaries ... Actually many colonies were run like private commercial entities, I.e. Dutch East India Company...
  • May 11 2013: The largest corporations actually own most governments, so they don't worry about states.
  • May 5 2013: Never thought about that, thanks.
  • May 5 2013: Good point guys. People are willing to die for countries. I doubt enough would be willing to die for Porkers.
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    May 4 2013: It makes no sense
    To do what?
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      May 6 2013: Why does it make more sense for the church? Freedom from tax laws and criminal prosecution? Running your own country makes a lot of sense... Otherwise ... Why would we have them?