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Rate educators based on their empathy alone.

The only real measure of effectiveness regarding an educator is that they treat each child (from pre-school to university) individually.

If they do that, then that child will receive the very best education possible. Currently, too many educators take a formulaic approach and effectively blame the child if they don't understand.

By scoring educators based on their empathy, it removes the nonsense of cheating at annual tests simply to stay employed. Yes many would go, however, that might then mean that the lost vocational element of education might reemerge.


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  • May 8 2013: I look forward to hearing the results of your findings then, because as you can't reveal how you will measure empathy it makes it hard to comment and as your idea of empathy seems to be much broader than many other people's, it should be fascinating. Here's wishing you all the best in your endeavours. Anyone who tries to better the world meaningfully and with genuine care and respect for others has my vote.
    • May 8 2013: Thank you Kate. I really do care and will not give up trying...

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