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Rate educators based on their empathy alone.

The only real measure of effectiveness regarding an educator is that they treat each child (from pre-school to university) individually.

If they do that, then that child will receive the very best education possible. Currently, too many educators take a formulaic approach and effectively blame the child if they don't understand.

By scoring educators based on their empathy, it removes the nonsense of cheating at annual tests simply to stay employed. Yes many would go, however, that might then mean that the lost vocational element of education might reemerge.


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    May 7 2013: Education is the one profession where working with others cannot be successful without empathy. Thats all I have to say about that.
    • May 7 2013: May I ask what is the ONE profession where one cannot be without empathy?

      Playing devil's advocate, just which profession can you engage in without reference to the physical and emotional needs of others?
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        May 7 2013: I believe other professions that require working with others such as customer service, you can complete your work successfully without having to genuinely care about the customer (which sadly, I feel many people do ) whether you show it or not, such as pretending to care just to get through the day and get the job done.

        With education, you're in a situation where the recipient of your work will ONLY benefit if you genuinely care. Students (for the most part) will not engage in a lecture or lesson unless you engage them and that can only happen with sincerity, consideration, and empathy.
        • May 7 2013: YES...

          Sir you have just made my day!

          The only person who decides whether you do a good job or not is your customer. No one else matters. The fact that companies continue to fail (over 50 years since the first customer service team) in the eyes of their customers is exactly why they need to change to the empathy model. How many times have you been convinced when the rep tries to fabricate empathy? Very very few can act that well!

          In CS its exactly the same as your educational standpoint believe me.
        • May 14 2013: Not true. Students should be able to learn whether or not they 'like' the teacher.

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