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Rate educators based on their empathy alone.

The only real measure of effectiveness regarding an educator is that they treat each child (from pre-school to university) individually.

If they do that, then that child will receive the very best education possible. Currently, too many educators take a formulaic approach and effectively blame the child if they don't understand.

By scoring educators based on their empathy, it removes the nonsense of cheating at annual tests simply to stay employed. Yes many would go, however, that might then mean that the lost vocational element of education might reemerge.


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    R H 20+

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    May 4 2013: What? I don't think I understand your idea. Empathy is the vicarious understanding of the feelings and/or emotions of another person. You want to rate your kids teacher SOLELY on that? Surely you jest...
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      May 6 2013: First of all, I would eliminate the wording "solely" from empathy...although empathy definitely needs to be one of the many important factors in educating children because teaching is not just about the student learning the lesson, it is also about being aware of the emotional needs of the children we teach and the understanding that every word spoken to a child either affects them in a positive or negative way and builds from there.

      Teachers, parents, and any adult who interacts with children all need to get this because it can change the cycle of having so many angry adults in the world...of whom many commit heinous crimes due to their lack of empathy. We live in a world where intellectual and physical achievement are placed above Happiness and Inner Peace. People compete about everything; they don't understand that every action they take is because they "unconsciously" are seeking Inner Peace...w/o which there can be no lasting happiness ... only fleeting tastes of it.

      This is because Inner Peace can only come from choosing to do the right thing which has to do with the way we treat everyone we encounter in life's journey (not just our chosen few). Unless we, as teachers, teach by example, with love and kindness, we are leaving out the most important aspect of education...that children who are treated with kindness and love grow up healthy and happy...and that happy people don't hurt others or commit crimes.

      Happy people want to make others happy and look for every opportunity to help one another. When more teachers, parents, and other adults understand this, Love and Peace will reign, instead of Competition, Egotism, Exceptionality, Insatiable Greed, and Mindless Destruction--all of which put us on the path to dissatisfaction and the need for MORE...more money, more things, more activities, more clothes, more....etc.
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        R H 20+

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        May 6 2013: Dear Ginger, maybe I'm missing something from this conversation, but I cannot remove the word 'solely'. The title states: 'Rate educators on their empathy ALONE.' Solely is equivalent to 'alone' in this context. I merely responded that I may not have understood the conversation because the premise that teachers should be rated ONLY on their empathy is so ridiculous.
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          May 6 2013: RH: I agree with you that the word "solely" is a bit exaggerated since teachers also need to have many other aspects of the whole. At the same time, I didn't want to let a good statement go to waste by letting the most important part of it (empathy) fall by the wayside. I do feel though that Empathy should be a pre-requisite for teaching, especially for the very young.

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