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Rate educators based on their empathy alone.

The only real measure of effectiveness regarding an educator is that they treat each child (from pre-school to university) individually.

If they do that, then that child will receive the very best education possible. Currently, too many educators take a formulaic approach and effectively blame the child if they don't understand.

By scoring educators based on their empathy, it removes the nonsense of cheating at annual tests simply to stay employed. Yes many would go, however, that might then mean that the lost vocational element of education might reemerge.


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  • May 5 2013: I think this is a very slippery slope towards a very poor ending.

    I am an educator and can tell you that assessment based on how I appear to treat your child is completely subjective and has no objective basis. How you perceive my treatment of you is completely out of my control. My understanding of your challenges and feelings and how your think I feel about them has no basis in anything that is evaluative.

    If you want to assess me based on how I treat your child, then I will have parents who champion me and parents who think I am a tyrant based solely on what they think of me. I have been down that road and faced parents who "think" I don't like their child because I hold them accountable to a standard that the parents think is unreasonable (come into class, sit down, get to work, be polite, study, etc.). I would be opposed to this because I know of some really nice teachers who I, as an educator, would never put my child into their class because they would not learn anything.

    Henry W. is bang on in his comments about what educators should do and how they should be well rounded.
    • May 5 2013: That's why you and most other teachers fail as educators. You want children to be the adults, while you don't seek understanding. Tow the mark, do this, do that, don't talk in my class unless I tell you too, raise your hand if you want to go to the restroom, do what I tell you and the list is endless. You are taught by bullies, to be bullies and you teach copy and paste, that's all. You are tools for a totally corrupt and fearful leadership, but then history is full of the same.
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        May 5 2013: I couldn't agree with you more, Jim. Too many teachers are still using the teaching weapons of the past...instead of understanding the newer Psychology developments that tell us otherwise. Students should not be fearful of their teachers or school; when they are treated kindly and lovingly, they look forward to attending. I believe that some very important lessons have been left out of our Educational curriculum--although some teachers instinctively understand these important factors. Many children who are bullied by their teachers and by their parents become angry adults and so our focus needs to be on teaching by example...with empathy and love.
      • May 5 2013: First, you make massive assumptions about me as a teacher. Second, you know nothing about how I teach my students. Third, you have no basis for any understanding of how I treat my students. Nor do your comments reflect most of the fine educators I have had to opportunity to work with.

        I will simply not engage in this discourse as it adds nothing to the nature of this discussion thread.
        • May 5 2013: You tell people who you are, what you teach and how you teach, with every word you write and every word you don't write. Instead of getting all mad and lashing out, you could have asked for the reasoning behind my claims. When the first thing that a teacher does is to get mad and lash out, what do you expect from your students? If you believe you are a good teacher or that I am wrong, you would be smart enough to know that by questioning me, you would have me show by my own words, that I am wrong.

          Now your pride will keep you from listening or learning, just as you teach your students. I do realize its what and how you were taught, so y'all should be forgiven. Its also easy to see that the system wants you to be this way.

          You teachers teach cubicle smarts, while you teach children to always do as they are told, by the way you teach. You can't change anyhow, because the system doesn't want children that can think for themselves, stand up for themselves, how to recognize many dangers, simple psychology, how to get along with one another, how partners and friends need to consider each other and so much more.

          You teachers complain bitterly about unruly students and how they disrupt everything. You have the power and the tools, but you were never taught how and why. You teach most children to be followers, because that's what industry and gov demand.

          Teachers spend many more hours everyday with most children, more than their own moms and dads, because that's what our leadership has driven us too.

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