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Rate educators based on their empathy alone.

The only real measure of effectiveness regarding an educator is that they treat each child (from pre-school to university) individually.

If they do that, then that child will receive the very best education possible. Currently, too many educators take a formulaic approach and effectively blame the child if they don't understand.

By scoring educators based on their empathy, it removes the nonsense of cheating at annual tests simply to stay employed. Yes many would go, however, that might then mean that the lost vocational element of education might reemerge.


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    May 5 2013: I too am a teacher. Effective Teachers have many more qualities than just (1) Understanding [actually "Subject Knowledge"] and (2) Communication. When more teachers understand that human qualities...such as Love, Kindness, Empathy, Creativity, etc.-- both in themselves and in those whom they teach, are equally important, we will have a better world....because Life is not only about being academically smart. It's also about valuing humanity by helping everyone who passes our way in whatever way we can. It's about waking up the "unconscious." There is only NOW and if we don't start teaching awareness and consideration towards those around us to our children, their future will be very bleak.

    Every teacher has the opportunity of making a difference in their students' life. What their students will remember is whether or not their class was boring and tedious, or joyful and exuberant. Like I said earlier, only people who enjoy helping others should be teachers (not those who choose this field to have their summers off!). There are many intelligent students who sit in classrooms and don't learn. It's all about presentation--making it FUN! When students are treated with kindness and empathy, they blossom--there's no need to demand, discipline, or bully them. Just like plants who are not watered die, children who are not nurtured will not develop to their best capabilities. I put my focus on bringing out the best in EACH of my students.

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