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Why do we still live in a monetary based economy? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable?

Is there a better system that we could follow that is based around improving quality of life for all humans and to increase resource efficiency? I am not proposing that we don’t use a type of currency for trade, what I am saying is that our current system is not working efficiently and not improving human life. Money is the focal point and it traps people in it through debt. Our dependence on money has many adverse affects. It is limiting our potential and stopping sustainable progression.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to live in a society were we do things to their full potential. Maximise efficiency and minimise waste. A system that is transparent with no class distinction. That provides the basic needs of life for free; Food, shelter, education and cloths. No strings attached, nothing locking you in. We live once so while fill it with things that add nothing to your life our others?

Im not saying we should do this or that, I am saying that there are flaws in our current system, how can we change it to make it better? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable??

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  • May 12 2013: i see people are still a little confused about how to answer a question on here, surprising as they all seem to radiate this arrogance and superior knowledge of all things. but even with all this brilliance they still cant answer the question.

    "Why do we still live in a monetary based economy? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable?" this here people is a classic example of a question. there are some subtle clues like the sentence structure the question mark it looks like this ------>"?" did every one get that?? i used 2 of them as to not have the same confusion about my question.

    no where does it call for every one to ask Adam what he thinks is the best solution, but you all have done just that, then go ahead and nit pick at little bits and pieces of his response. if Adam had all the answers he wouldn't be on here trading pointless back and forth with people that are not contributing with any ideas or even furthering ideas that have already been put forward. his patients is far more then mine. do you honestly feel good about getting on here and trashing a guy that's trying to improve the quality of every ones lives? there's that question mark again do we remember what to do here? there's another i hope you are catching on.

    there is a saying i heard a while back and i believe it applies here nicely: I am all for cracking down on inappropriate digital behaviour. Too often the connected world is an excuse for some coward hiding behind a keyboard to bully someone else.
    Tony Parsons
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      May 13 2013: Sean, you are correct. I am one of the guilty ones.

      So... Adam, We live in in this economy because that's all there is. There is nothing better as bad as this is. Many different ones have been discussed and all fall short of any improvement over the current system. Maybe in a thousand years mankind will evolve into a better social economic system but that is only speculation on my part. I like to think positive.
      So, instead of spending so much worrisome time contemplating this situation, may I suggest you find solace in doing something today for your fellow man. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or maybe an animal shelter.
      There are charities that help people in foreign lands. You can find something to do for your fellow man.
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        May 13 2013: this is not entirely an accurate representation of the truth. we don't have capitalism as the least evil of all. capitalism is the theoretical maximum we can ever have, because it is the lack of evil. for too long, we indulged in this guilt, but it is time to end it. the true argument for capitalism is a moral one, not a practical one. my life is mine. if i create something with my own hands, it is mine. anyone attempting to take it by force is evil. it is that simple. we don't need any more analysis. that is the moral of capitalism: the non-initiation of aggression. the non-initiation of aggression is the only principle we have, and the direct consequence of it is capitalism. any other existing or theoretical system is based on aggression, thus morally objectionable.

        capitalism being the most livable, fastest progressing system is the icing on the cake.
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          May 14 2013: Here I was trying to throw the kid a bone and you had to go real on me. Doesn't anyone ever see a bit of irony in these comments. You are correct of course, in a thousand years someone will be complaining about having a better way of doing the economy and someone will say to wait a thousand years and it will be better.

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