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Why do we still live in a monetary based economy? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable?

Is there a better system that we could follow that is based around improving quality of life for all humans and to increase resource efficiency? I am not proposing that we don’t use a type of currency for trade, what I am saying is that our current system is not working efficiently and not improving human life. Money is the focal point and it traps people in it through debt. Our dependence on money has many adverse affects. It is limiting our potential and stopping sustainable progression.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to live in a society were we do things to their full potential. Maximise efficiency and minimise waste. A system that is transparent with no class distinction. That provides the basic needs of life for free; Food, shelter, education and cloths. No strings attached, nothing locking you in. We live once so while fill it with things that add nothing to your life our others?

Im not saying we should do this or that, I am saying that there are flaws in our current system, how can we change it to make it better? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable??

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  • May 8 2013: A good summary of our current system
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      May 8 2013: okay, i take it all back. if the only choice is v.p. or marxism, by all means, continue to advocate v.p.
      • May 8 2013: You are full of criticism but it seems as though you have nothing to put on the table to support "why" you oppose these concepts. I've asked you a couple of times now what you suggest as an alternative but you have yet to say anything other than dispute without actually explaining why you disagree so strongly.

        If I am so ill informed or missing a piece of information that you have, please share it with me. I am open to "constructive" criticism. One of the main reasons I have asked this questions, was too see if I have missed something in my research, obviously I have. Please share
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          May 8 2013: i don't need to suggest an alternative to show why yours is utterly wrong. i already told you to research the zeitgeist movie. the only valid conclusion is that you will never ever cite that movie or peter joseph as a positive reference. nor use any "wisdoms" put forward by that movie, or any other movies he made or makes. simply doing so you already greatly improved your understanding of the world.
    • May 8 2013: nice video Adam cheers for sharing a little bit more on the topic. it is clear it is an anti capitalist video but i didnt see exactly how it advocated marxism. im not sure why it has to be seen that we can only do one or the other venus project is an option but not the only one.
      • May 8 2013: Pinter,

        If you read over our pass conversations you will see that I haven’t once said that I think we should change to the Venus project or Zeitgeist systems. All I have said is that I like some of there concepts. If there was confusion with my question here it is again slightly different, maybe that will help.

        What changes do you think we can make to our current economical system to make it more efficient and increase quality of life? I believe our current one is outdated.

        I have been very patience with your arrogance and rudeness, only tolerating it in the hope that you actual had something constructive to add. Sadly it seems as though you do not have anything other than criticism to add to this point in time. Shame, looking at your profile I thought different at first.

        I hope you can prove me wrong
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          May 8 2013: this is not enough for me. the only thing in your opening statement besides problem description are the zeitgeist and the v.p. i will continue to treat this conversation being about the v.p. and all i have to say about v.p. is that it is bonkers. i'm not going to validate this nonsense by having a meaningful discussion about economic/social issues at the same table. this table is contaminated by the engineered lies of peter joseph, and the romantic neo-marxism of the v.p. this contamination has to be cleaned up, or we need to sit at another table.
      • May 8 2013: As requested, contaminates removed.

        Now where do you think we should go from here? Whats your opinion on global issues?
        • May 9 2013: oh pinter my favourite guy.

          i believe the venus project and zeitgeist part of adams question was only added in late after people could grasp the concept of giving their own opinion and kept asking adam what he thought was an alternative. to move the conversation on adam gave these two examples, but contaminants is a bit strong, but your general attitude towards every one is this way.

          no one asked you to join this conversation your input so far has been nil you have no ideas no concepts nothing at all get over trying to make every one needing to prove our worth to get any thing from you, by what iv seen on other conversation threads you do this on all of them.


          not sure why you thought any better from his profile some one that says they are both an athiest and a buddhist seems like a hypocryte straight up to me along with all his other imaginary accomplishments. we can all download certificates online to pinter only difference we still dont live in our mums basement.

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