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Why do we still live in a monetary based economy? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable?

Is there a better system that we could follow that is based around improving quality of life for all humans and to increase resource efficiency? I am not proposing that we don’t use a type of currency for trade, what I am saying is that our current system is not working efficiently and not improving human life. Money is the focal point and it traps people in it through debt. Our dependence on money has many adverse affects. It is limiting our potential and stopping sustainable progression.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to live in a society were we do things to their full potential. Maximise efficiency and minimise waste. A system that is transparent with no class distinction. That provides the basic needs of life for free; Food, shelter, education and cloths. No strings attached, nothing locking you in. We live once so while fill it with things that add nothing to your life our others?

Im not saying we should do this or that, I am saying that there are flaws in our current system, how can we change it to make it better? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable??

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  • May 7 2013: I think the monetary dominated economy needs to go. The idea of money is old, and as our world evolves, so should we and our civilizations. What worked before obviously can't work now.
    I am a member of the Zeitgeist movement, I don't believe in everything Pete Joseph says, but it is thought provoking, and in the end, if it can do that much to listeners and viewers, then it has done its job.
    I think bartering should be done when necessary, but why is exchange necessary?
    We need to get out of the mindset that we need to give what we receive.
    I believe certain things in life should be free as education, land, shelter, energy, travel etc.
    Now if you chose to barter, or return the favor then that's fine, but it's not mandated, it's not law.
    We all need to become more self sufficient, grow our own goods, a garden can become your food, medicine, household products, and hygiene products. Things we spend thousands of dollars on a month if given a chance.
    And if we're more self sufficient, there's less waste, and less room for moochers.
    What are the alternatives? And how do those alternatives eradicate greed, social divisions, the corrupt elite and government? The depletion of natural resources?
    They dont?
    • May 8 2013: well put.
      i like a lot of what you have said here if some thing isnt working why keep it? no brainer. i do see what you are proposing why give and not get? simple because in such a society you will get every thing you need thats the basis of that society to care for each and every person in that society.
      the grass roots steps towards self determination is vital. its easy for us all to go straight to the big picture stuff but in reality its the small steps that every one can and must make for the big picture stuff to become a reality.
      i believe in such a society when we are working for the common good for all rather then the dog eat dog, we will faze out the moochers and the people who contribute nothing, to be a part of a functioning community brings with it the sense of security, hope, family and love powerful emotions that bring out the best in all of us.
      as our civilisation evolves into an ever more complex and sophisticated mechanism the processes to which we run it should become simpler. we know what we have to achieve we have the means to achieve it, all we need now is a revolution to take back the rains of power from those who hold it with disregard for our well being. kings have been over thrown, governments toppled only to be replaced by the same system, do away with the old bring in the new.

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