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Why do we still live in a monetary based economy? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable?

Is there a better system that we could follow that is based around improving quality of life for all humans and to increase resource efficiency? I am not proposing that we don’t use a type of currency for trade, what I am saying is that our current system is not working efficiently and not improving human life. Money is the focal point and it traps people in it through debt. Our dependence on money has many adverse affects. It is limiting our potential and stopping sustainable progression.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to live in a society were we do things to their full potential. Maximise efficiency and minimise waste. A system that is transparent with no class distinction. That provides the basic needs of life for free; Food, shelter, education and cloths. No strings attached, nothing locking you in. We live once so while fill it with things that add nothing to your life our others?

Im not saying we should do this or that, I am saying that there are flaws in our current system, how can we change it to make it better? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable??

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    May 7 2013: why do we still have one venus project conversation every second week?
    • May 7 2013: Maybe because people see the flaws in our current system and wonder why we don’t change to something better. Maybe that’s the Venus project, maybe not. Surely there are better models out there though. Our current one seems a little out of balance.

      What’s your opinion on our current system and concepts like the Venus project?
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        May 7 2013: so they settle with the first grand idea they come across? why don't you people actually study the issues you care about? you can talk endlessly about money, without knowing how it came about, how does it work, and what its role is in the economy. you sink in an warm and comfortable sea of metaphors and buzzwords. if it satisfies you, well, go ahead. or alternatively, you could start to learn some real stuff.
        • May 7 2013: I’m not saying lets settle for anything, I’m asking you what you think about both. Current system and what would be a good alternative. My personal opinion is the current one is not working in the interests of all mankind and the planet.
          I apologies if I come across as ignorant but I thought I was educated enough on the topic to talk about it. Obviously your opinion is backed by content, which opposes my view so I am very interested to hear your side. Maybe I have over looked something. That’s why I posted this question; many minds are better than one. What information do you recommend I read to get a better understanding?

          Please ignore Sean lynch's comments. He obviously has apposing views but instead of accepting differences and trying to understand others opinion, his being stubborn and rude. Talking in this manner will only slower progression.

          I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better. -Abraham Lincoln
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        May 7 2013: here is my recommendation for next time. if you want to learn more about what opinions are out there about a movement or theory, do not open a conversation, but just google it. especially go for the opposing argument, so you can google something like "venus project debunk" or "venus project criticism" etc. rehashing the same arguments endless times does not help at all. this is like the 10th venus project conversation on TED alone, and there are countless others out there. we don't need any more.
        • May 7 2013: it sounds like you think i am a little fixated on the Venus project. i like some of its concepts but i feel as though it isn't a practice solution to the issues we are faced with today. if it was we would be having this conversation.

          What is your opinion of the world and its issues? what are the conversations we need to be having to find solutions?
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        May 7 2013: in any conversation that is about the venus project, i'm not going to discuss anything else than the zealous spreading of the v.p. agenda, and the nature of that zeal. i'm wondering if it is really that much appealing to so many people, making them enthusiast, or it is an organized "spread the word" activism? i can't wrap my head around the fact that such a silly-billy movement can get such a huge attention.
        • May 7 2013: This is may background. I have watched the zeitgeist: moving forward film and read about other models like the Venus project. Personal study about the claims they make and I haven’t been about to find any information that stands against what they have spoken about. I understand when someone is trying to sell you something they are biased most of the time because they only tell you the things that support what they are trying to sell.

          When I compare our current system to the fundamentals of theirs, why wouldn’t you want to change? I imagine a lot of people’s lives are affected by money and that’s probably why these types of concepts appeal to people. Yes we do need a system to control and manage the world but surely we could be doing it better than we are.

          What are some things I should be paying attention too?
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        May 7 2013: it happened recently, and you are still in the ecstasy of the discovery?

        did you try google "zeitgeist movie debunk"? it is kinda weird, because the movie has basically no relation whatsoever to the venus project, yet they somehow come "packed" together. but if you look it up, you will find entire websites dedicated to the line-by-line factual refutation of everything in that movie. it is mindblowing how many lies they managed to put in it, and we have not talked about the logic yet. just an example: they claim that, among others, krishna would have born to a virgin mother. except in reality he had several older brothers, oops.

        the venus project is harder to debunk, because it makes no real claims, just emotionally loaded buzzwords. like "resource based economy", which does not mean a goddam single thing, and obviously never defined precisely.
        • May 7 2013: Yes I agree some of the zeitgeist films make some rather bold claims. I don’t walk around waving around any specific banner; I just like some of their concepts. All I hope to get out of this forum is more information and maybe other ideas that I haven’t come across yet.

          Lets move away from talking about the negatives to do with these models (thats just a dead end) and talk about reality and the world we live in today. I’m intrigued to hear more about your view on the world.

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