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Why do we still live in a monetary based economy? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable?

Is there a better system that we could follow that is based around improving quality of life for all humans and to increase resource efficiency? I am not proposing that we don’t use a type of currency for trade, what I am saying is that our current system is not working efficiently and not improving human life. Money is the focal point and it traps people in it through debt. Our dependence on money has many adverse affects. It is limiting our potential and stopping sustainable progression.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to live in a society were we do things to their full potential. Maximise efficiency and minimise waste. A system that is transparent with no class distinction. That provides the basic needs of life for free; Food, shelter, education and cloths. No strings attached, nothing locking you in. We live once so while fill it with things that add nothing to your life our others?

Im not saying we should do this or that, I am saying that there are flaws in our current system, how can we change it to make it better? How can we make our current system more efficient, less wasteful and overall sustainable??

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  • May 5 2013: Before you ask this question, can you suggest any other system that works as well as, or better, than the monetary system we are having now. My answer to your question is: we could only return to one person's produced goods exchanges for other person's products, or nor at all. Even in communes, they couldn't function well without some exchange from outside entities in modern time. So what is your idea of the tokens, other than money or credits (which is the same as money) for the exchange, or the trade? Of course, it could be done if every man and woman becomes a hermit. But, ask all the people on earth how many of them are willing to live as hermits, without settling in each others way?
    • May 5 2013: Both the monetary and bartering system are similar. The trade of goods based on their value. Monetary: goods given a value depending on their demand and supply e.g. a monkeys value is $100 and a bananas is $1. Bartering: Goods value depending on demand and supply e.g. A Monkey is worth 100 bananas. Both work off the same principle but money makes the exchange easier and more universal. If you paid people in bananas or used it to pay for everything, I would imagine there being some issues. So in saying that I do believe we need a form of currency to represent something’s value but want I don’t like about our current system is it complexity and the way it has been geared to only benefit a few. It has many other negatives.

      To survive you must make an income/profit. To increase human’s quality of life and resource efficiency costs money. E.g. To increase profits, you make something as cheaply as possible, with a short life expectancy so when you break it or it stops working u need to buy it again. We may have the knowledge and technology to fix a lot of the issues in the world but we don’t because there is no money in it. If we did we would go into recession.. That’s sounds a little odd doesn’t it? Isn’t that a huge flaw in our current system? I think its time we updated so we can stop a lot of this senseless suffering we see today.

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