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How does scanning headlines affect your mood?

I've just taken a walk and saw the following headline on a cover of newspaper:
"She sells sex and will change the law."
I scratched my head (mentally), got somewhat frustrated, left the store and then I saw a graffiti - "Life is beautiful."
My mood changed instantly.
Do the TEDsters have any personal experiences or stories to share when it comes to how environment, news, TV, other's moods change their own?

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    May 5 2013: Scanning the headlines usually makes me want to be doing something more productive.
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    May 5 2013: Don't know. I'm unaware of anything going on in the news. The only thing I know about my government is the name of the President.
    So when I see a headline, it's like watching a volleyball headline about teams I don't know about, and players I don't know and care about. I don't worry about much and my stress level is low.
    Ignorance is like tofu. It sucks but it's good for your health.