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How can healthy debate and a general interest in important issues around the world be taught to kids?

Everyday I hear people say stuff like "politics is dull" and I used to have a similar view as in school I was never really shown that politics effects us everyday. I also didn't really have any views about the world before I found an issue to be passionate about and now thanks to that I love a good debate and think it is a great way to build a number of skills such as the ability to research efficiently and general capability to communicate with other. I honestly think it would help allot if we could get kids interested in the world around them and encourage some good debate. It doesn't matter if the date is about trivial things such as "what the hell is goofy?" as that could later develop into more important issues. I think this will help kids in a number of ways and also make them more interesting adults. So does anyone have any ideas of how to get kids to debate without it turning into an argument?


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