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What you think about prohibit selling drugs,alcohol and cigarettes?

Nowadays almost all people smoke,take drugs and drink alcohol.Written on cigarette packs that smoking harms for health.No I do not understand why they still sell them, and people are still buy them.Why now all say that smoking is fashionable?If you want to live longer, why do not you stop smoking, drinking or taking drugs? Or why not buy it ceases all?
Think about my words.You have people who value with you.So why you're so hard to reciprocate REPLY?

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    May 20 2013: I think a healthy way of living is even greater than any of these little last pleasures.
  • May 11 2013: Your question overlaps with the marijuana vs. cigarettes and alcohol debate. Problem is all three and drugs in general have been in existence for centuries. If alcohol were to be invented now, it would a narcotic. Opium and marijuana were medicinal. Uncontrolled sale and abuse of such substances causes a ripple effect on society.
    While you cannot simply ban the worldwide production and sale of such substances, the only solution is the old way; Education and awareness. Many thought this was limited to classrooms and seminars, but it does not stop there, most abusers are mentally affected, they see substance abuse a way of releasing the pressure. Proper identification and rehab of such persons can help wean society of addiction. For when there is no demand, production ceases.
    Actually the world a better place now, there is more awareness for addicts, and rehab is sort after by many. You can, if substance abuse causes a ripple, proper treatment is the counter-ripple. Slowly but steadily, change is inevitable.
  • May 11 2013: In the 1920's the US government prohibited the production, distribution and sell of alcohol, the consequence of that was the rise of the mafia and the so called gangsters, not to mention the corruption it generated in all levels of the government. To forbid, ban or prohibit anything that generates addiction is a bad idea, because it generates black markets and mafias, it makes the production, distribution and sell of such products more attractive for the bad guys, since it puts more money on the table, and because of that it also generates corruption in the all government structures at all levels... so, sorry but not a good idea.