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What do you find to be "over-rated"?

Here's your chance to tell us what things are totally over-rated in your opinion.
It could be an idea, or a brand, or a vacation spot....anything at all.

Do tell.......

Closing Statement from W T

Thank you for participating in this little whimsical conversation about over-rated things.
Lots of food for thought from some of you......thank you!

  • May 7 2013: Following the majority, talk shows, free advertisment (on T-shirts,shoes, hats) latte's and pretty much everything along that line..., hashtags, boats, costco, Apple (not the fruit), facebook/twitter, As Seen on TV, froyo! (though it is very yummy), Converse sneakers, and Just A. Beaver. I'm pretty sure that's not how you spell it O.o

    Love this conversation Mary!
    Its #Awesome ;D
    • May 8 2013: Thanks for your contribution Harper.

      Just A. Beaver.....too funny!!
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    May 6 2013: digital technology. what a gyp
    • May 6 2013: gyp: a fraud or swindle

      Yeap, digital technology is a gyp. Well, sorta......It depends if you're the one buying, or the one selling it. ;)
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        May 6 2013: true. i'd probably be all for smart phones if the proceeds were getting stuffed into my bank account.

        i find it to be little more than the technology of convenience. like we need to get any lazier as a species..
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        May 9 2013: There's a lot of really great literature for kids out there but i gotta say that traditional literature (folk tales, legends, fairy tales, myths) is the best. Bruno Bettleheim writes a good treatise on folk tales.
  • May 5 2013: Ratings are overrated. To each their own.
    • May 6 2013: Yes, ratings are overrated.

      From restaurants, to movies, to is best to see for yourself if YOU like it or not.

      Thanks Gord.
  • May 5 2013: American'ts
    • May 6 2013: I'm still trying to get over Ameri..cans

      Thanks for the contribution.
  • May 4 2013: Hi Mary!
    Here's my top 5 list:
    1 the newest iPhone
    2 a product with a brand name (especially if it's showing for all to see)
    3 monarchy in the 21st century
    4 pop music that has nothing to 'say'
    5 the way in which the Netherlands mimics America

    For kicks, I'd like to add my list of what I find to be UNDER-rated:
    1 playing outside
    2 secondhand clothing
    3 trees
    4 good grammar
    5 getting your hands dirty
    • May 4 2013: Hi Lizanne!

      Great list.

      I find that the new and improved of "anything" is always overrated. I always cringe when I do my weekly shopping and discover "new and improved taste" on the label of a food product. Automatically I think: "Oh my God, what have they done to this now.....and I have to read the label....I usually end up putting it back". Hence, I do most of my shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store.....where all the fresh foods are.

      As for #2....I think people try to define themselves with label....Apple, Nike, Michael Korrs, etc...
      They let their material things define them, instead of giving meaning to their posessions.

      #5 I think alot of countries have lost their "individuality" by mimicking America. Sad. Even here in America, it used to be you could go on vacation to a little town in the mountains, and escape from city life. But now, all the fast food places, and brand name stores are everywhere......this is 'progress'. I say Meh!

      Love the list of under-rated.....keeps us balanced. I'll throw in cooking your own food. Yum!
      • May 4 2013: YES, fresh home-made food! Making just about anything yourself is under-rated!

        As I was thinking about your question, I had sequels to movies, inconsistency, the type-font 'comic-sans' on my list, non-native English singers singing in English...but then I realized these things were actually pet-peeves! They're similar though, aren't they? What we personally find over-rated can annoy us in the same way a pet-peeve would.
        • May 4 2013: I do think that some over-rated things become pet-peeves.

          It's like I mentioned under Ed's contribution. A $5 cup of coffee....really?
          How hard can it be to make coffee in the morning?

          And there is also the $400 dollar expresso machine which uses small plastic cups that are each individually sealed so that you can get the expresso with foam on it. Never mind that all that plastic is being consumed.

          I don't know, I'm just very down to earth when it comes to alot of things. I have my little $17 stainless steel italian expresso maker which I put water and expresso grounds into, and then put on the stove.....If I want American coffee, I simply bring water to boil, and add a bit of the expresso to the hot water. Voila.....Cafe Americano! Add a bit of cream and/or sugar and you're good to go.....I will say this, I really like Italian coffee grounds. I will splurge on good quality teas or coffee. And I will make it myself, and share it with friends and family.

          Listen, if TED had to post talks on how to wash and dry your hands, and how to tie your shoes, then that tells me that there are things we do on a daily basis that still need to be readjusted.

          Have you seen these?

          And, make sure and notice how many views they had.
      • May 5 2013: Mary, I do love meeting someone who loves coffee, and whose feet are planted firmly on the ground!
        We percolate our coffee like you would if you were camping! Always fresh, java-jive.

        You happened to post two of my favorite TED talks! I just saw Joe Smith's the other day, and Terry Moore's shoe-tying talk was the very first TED presentation I ever saw!

        It's about going back to basics, isn't it. Like you say, the things we do on a daily basis. We have this tendency to run ahead of ourselves, planning where we'll be 5 years from now (another pet-peeve, that standard job interview question - eugh) when maybe we need to come back and look at how we make our coffee in the morning. It's an eye-opener, literally!!
  • May 4 2013: Top Ten of anything. Democracy, Voting for other people. TV, Billionaires. American Dream, Pop Music, Cool Phenomenon. Anti theism. freedom, going green, alternatives, brands, fast food chains, world domination, sole superpowers, opinion building and opinion makers, politicians, media, doctors and engineers, food and drink experts, and being the expert in a room, facebook and twitter, now really?.
    • May 4 2013: I have often heard people express that the American Dream is just that.....a I can see why you have that on your list.

      As for so called "experts", Don Wesley, another TEDster, posted this small video interview of the scientist Richard Feynman in a conversation recently. You might enjoy listening to his view of so called "experts".

      Thank you for the contribution.
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        May 6 2013: nice link
        • May 6 2013: gee, thanks, I thought so too. Don Wesley is always sharing good stuff with all of us.
  • May 3 2013: Romantic love as a basis for marriage.

    IMO, this is one of the most successful memes in the modern world.
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      May 3 2013: Have you visited the current question about "romantic love"? It sounds like you might have a relevant opinion.
  • May 12 2013: Political correctness and Justin Bieber. Hahaha.
  • Comment deleted

    • May 8 2013: John, thank you for your contribution, and expounding on your thoughts.
      You have given us alot to think about.

      Thanks again.
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    May 5 2013: In a certain way I don't think anything is overrated because people have a good skepticism, they tend to examine things critically.
    • May 6 2013: Greg, I will have to disagree with you. not all people have good skepticism, or examine things critically.

      I know people who buy stuff from infommercials out of enthusiasm, just to put it back in the box and stick it in their closet, never to be seen again.....ditto all kinds of items in stores that they don't need. I mean, how many gadgets do people need to chop vegetables?
  • May 5 2013: Individualism
    • May 6 2013: Hey Scott.

      Sometimes we want to be part of the crowd and blend in right?

      Yes, I can see why individualism might be overrated.
      • May 6 2013: I don't know about being part of the crowd, so much as being part of something bigger than yourself. Working together as part of an organization to achieve some great goal. You can't do that with individualism.
        • May 6 2013: You are absolutely correct, it's hard to move forward with goals, when there is distraction from individuals.

          I think the term interdependence comes into play here. That is what we want when working for something bigger...

          I also think, from other conversations I have had on here, that someone struggling with their autonomy is also detrimental to achieving the greater good/goal. At times energy is needed to deal with the "individualism" of certain entities, and that distracts from what should be the focal point.....reaching the goal set by the organization....

          There is alot to discuss here....perhaps a new topic of conversation might be good if a TED talk comes around on this subject.

          Thanks for your contribution Scott.
  • May 5 2013: banana hanger. I also love a quote from The Watchmen, " life is a highly overrated phenomenon."
    • May 6 2013: I remember when the banana hangers came out. Yes, and what do you do when you only have one left?
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    • May 4 2013: Thanks for stopping by Kate!!
      Great list.

      Yes, reality shows are somewhat over rated......but I do like watching just has a certain appeal...who will make it to the end?....(sits and bites nails)

      And wealth......well, you know what they say......."The best wealth, is your health".

      Enjoy the weekend Kate!!
  • May 3 2013: Over rated......pop music. Pop culture in general. "I'm so cool" intellectualism. Political correctness.
    • May 3 2013: "pop music"....which at times sounds like "cacophony"......Yes.
      • May 4 2013: Here, here to that!
        • May 4 2013: I have been throwing that word around alot kids should hear them Lizanne.....LOL
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        May 6 2013: just the charts. so much blandness and gimmickry. nothing new though.

        the popular music format is still the best medium for communication, when it's done well. Mostly, we are exposed to titillating soft porn. it's the unfortunate effect of video.

        there is, however, a lot of good music out there. it's just that the rich owners of the mainstream industry just want to peddle the plastic junk that is easy to pitch to the kiddies..
        • May 6 2013: There is a lot of good music out there.
          I make discoveries every day.....and it's usually artists that have been around a long time, but that I just never heard of.

          Very insightful comment, thanks Scott!!
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    May 3 2013: Public opinion; social media; hummus; youth; people's self-assessments; Atheism; China; the Electoral College; global warming;sexually explicit television; Divas; Google; the Dept. of Homeland Security; divorce.
    • May 3 2013: Hummus? You mean pureed garbanzo beans......Yes.....I tend to agree there.

      I personally think walking around with a $5 cup of coffee in a paper cup with a cardboard sleeve from....well, just about anywhere way overrated.