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is romantic love a definable concept ?

i think there's a difference between romantic love and that kinda love we have for our family , teachers & our own selves but does romantic love have a definition ? i mean how do we know if it's romantic love or it's that other kind of love ?


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  • May 7 2013: I think love has been very well defined in a book called "Conjugial Love" which name with recent translations has been changed to "Married Love"

    The essence of love is loving others outside of oneself, wishing to be one with them and devoting oneself to their happiness. However, it also has been called a state of insanity :)

    Seems to me that family love has a very different form of attraction than the love for the other sex and (initially) a stranger. So "love at first sight" does not, and should not, happen with relatives :)

    Humans are meant to pro-create since that is the only way a heaven can be created from the human race. This is the best way to start that process. We have all heart that "man are from Mars and women are from Venus" but never what this difference of 'state of mind' is.
    Maybe this will help too

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