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How are music-related reality shows destroying our relationship with music?

Hi all!
You all know which shows I'm talking about...

I am doing some research into integrating music and singing into our everyday lives, and find myself 'stuck' on singing out loud.

I'm a singer, I also give singing workshops, voice lessons and direct a children's choir. I was an 'in the closet' singer for years, all too aware of the voice being the most personal, vulnerable instrument there is.

In my experience singing with kids, I notice that something happens to kids after +/- 10 years old. Either they begin to lose their uninhibited musical nature and become so embarrassed about singing that nothing comes out, or they have so much confidence about their (mediocre) singing ability that they are convinced they will 'be famous' some day with as little effort as possible.

Music, particularly singing, comes naturally to us. It's a genetic tool. Whether we sing 'well' or not, is to me irrelevant. What's important is how music is used as a form of expression.
Commercialism, ratings and insane amounts of money have created a different kind of incentive to make music, that has nothing to do with music as a form of expression.

I have my own ideas about how music is suffering from these shows, but am curious about what you think.

(Any known TED presentations or talks related to this topic are welcome!)


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