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What about outer space, being an astronaut and space travel fascinated you as a kid?

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, I didn't have the luxury of 24-hour cable TV and barely had 96 hours of electricity a month. But when I stumbled upon a book about the solar system and the universe in school, I could not stop dreaming about space travel and I even attempted to launch a couple of rockets (http://www.wernextgeneration.org/about/founders-story/). I just wanted to be in the dark space among the stars.

Taylor mentioned his passion for space travel and I believe most of us have had these dreams too. What is/was your childhood story/encounter and drive for wanting to exploring the outer space?


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  • May 5 2013: I was kind of a heavy kid so the weightlessness aspect of it kind of appealed to me ha ha.

    But it did get me interested in 3 things that became my lifelong avocation - Physics, math and aircraft.

    Today, putting aside the politics of it, I work in aerospace engineering and still enjoy the challenges.

    (Just as an aside to the topic at hand
    - We're adopting a child in the next month, our first. It occurs to me that she, and the rest of the kids born in the past few years will come to see travel into space as somewhat of a routine or easily accessible thing. In 40 - 50 yrs I fully expect low earth orbit sightseeing trips being available to the public for about the relative cost of what a first class airfare ticket to Asia might now cost today. Incredible.)

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