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Fix everything with a new school system.

We need to redefine the curriculum. If we are all honest to ourselves we would all admit there are some things taught in school we don't need to know. I think we need to reevaluate what's really important. Once children are taught what's really important they can make real choices for themselves. When I was a child I knew i wanted to be a detective, but now that I'm an adult I don't know what I want to do. Yes we can do whatever it is we want to do when we are an adult but this is after being taught we have to do, and to learn what others want us to do and learn. I think if children had the opportunity to do what they wanted to do (career wise) at a young age and were provided with everything they needed to do so, they would be more successful adults. How do you create a super soldier? You raise them that way. So, how do you create a super doctor or super anything? My best guess is to raise them that way. We can all say that a child can learn what they want on their own time but isn't that what school is for? We can blame parents for raising the child but how much time does a child spend with their parents? Children have school they have homework they barely have time to play. When do children learn what they want to learn and why do we force them to learn anything else? I declare teaching children what we learn (through studying) to be truly important such as social behavior (social behavior being my opinion on something important). Then when the child is ready to move on (at whatever age they happen to be, because not all children are the same) we allow them to study what they want to study. Children start doing the things they love at a younger age and as adults are much more successful in their line of work.


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  • May 4 2013: You're right when you say children are not being educated correctly.

    Today, children should be taught how to change their governance. How to take back their freedoms and civil liberties.
    How to end domestic spying, invasion of privacy, particularly when threatened with filming the abusive, illegal false authorities, who film you wherever you go and wherever you are!
    In order to succeed with today's educational system, and the one that looks like the future, children are to a large degree taught how to be successful in their society.

    However, their system is corrupted through and through, from top to bottom, so what they are really taught is how to become corrupt or corruptible in order to succeed, at whatever it is they want.

    Thus, they really need to be taught how to dismantle their corrupt system.
    If you think it isn't corrupt, then you most likely are crazy.

    Yes, helping children find out what they like, mentoring and monitoring them, at earlier ages, as is already happening, doesn't take into account the larger numbers of kids who simply don't know yet.
    But education certainly needs to change and one way is that, though it is against federal law (I believe), to have the government dictate curriculum,, that is exactly what has been going on for some decades now.

    Interesting that many Americans think educating children sexually is somehow immoral, but they willingly allow the gangs of government and their peripheral gangs, to solicit their minor children in order to teach them how to kill other human beings, and even tell them it's okay to do so simply because they are "authorities", which of course isn't the same as being the truth, which should be the authority.

    No, the American parent doesn't seem to mind in the least that their children are groomed as minors for killing, learning that it is necessary to be corrupt if one wants to get ahead, and how to do that, along with practically all other types of occupations that will require "team loyalty."
    • May 5 2013: My greatest challenge with this statement Random is that it is full of generalizations and assumptions. You start with the assumption that American kids are not being educated correctly. Based on what data do you make that assumption? Not everyone would agree with that statement based on the success of their children. And when you say "correctly" you are placing a value statement on that comment. "Correct" education is probably the most hotly debated topic out there today.

      So, I guess my question would be, what is "correct" education? What do you want to the children to learn? It seems you want students to learn critical thinking skills and thought processes. Which are good things and good schools teach their kids today.
      • May 7 2013: Everett.
        Okay. It's filled with generalizations but so too is your proposal:
        "Fix everything...........with a new school system."
        What is every thing?
        Is it corruption, crime, greed? Because those need to be fixed before an education will work because how and what children are educated, on, wth and about, will determine whether or not they will in fact be able to "fix everything." If their system is corrupt, and it is 100% through and through, then their education will still revolve around how to become successful in a corrupt system.
        The only way is to become corrupt.
        It is not a generalization to say that most or many Americans don't seem to mind their minor children being solicited and groomed for killing.
        That is exactly what is being done. If they don't agree, then stop it.
        They can't. They don't know how to, they're afraid to, so they are leaving it up to their children to do so, so, at least teach them how to do it.
        An unjust, corrupt system can never be made just.
        A completely new and just system must be created and implemented in place of a corrupt one.
        If you think it can be made just, then you are fooling yourself. That is what people have been trying to do for who knows how long, and they have failed.
        It is not possible.
        Which kind of education do you think is needed?

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