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Fix everything with a new school system.

We need to redefine the curriculum. If we are all honest to ourselves we would all admit there are some things taught in school we don't need to know. I think we need to reevaluate what's really important. Once children are taught what's really important they can make real choices for themselves. When I was a child I knew i wanted to be a detective, but now that I'm an adult I don't know what I want to do. Yes we can do whatever it is we want to do when we are an adult but this is after being taught we have to do, and to learn what others want us to do and learn. I think if children had the opportunity to do what they wanted to do (career wise) at a young age and were provided with everything they needed to do so, they would be more successful adults. How do you create a super soldier? You raise them that way. So, how do you create a super doctor or super anything? My best guess is to raise them that way. We can all say that a child can learn what they want on their own time but isn't that what school is for? We can blame parents for raising the child but how much time does a child spend with their parents? Children have school they have homework they barely have time to play. When do children learn what they want to learn and why do we force them to learn anything else? I declare teaching children what we learn (through studying) to be truly important such as social behavior (social behavior being my opinion on something important). Then when the child is ready to move on (at whatever age they happen to be, because not all children are the same) we allow them to study what they want to study. Children start doing the things they love at a younger age and as adults are much more successful in their line of work.


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  • May 3 2013: It's a good idea. One thing that might be an issue is motivation. Some kids will be motivated to do good work and progress towards a career. Others are much more interested in playing video games, sports, etc. They can try to make a profession as a pro gamer or sports player, but the percentage of people that make it vs. those that try is pretty small. Most people's career interests change over time, which in this model means that their education might make a drastic jump that they're not prepared for. This often happens in college, but at least they have the basics from high school to fall back on.

    This educational model would definitely help people specialize and excel at a career. It'd be very good at that. The only flaw I see is getting the kids to take initiative and maintain their attention spans at a young age.
    • May 3 2013: I agree but that might be something we would have to teach children in school. Teach children to make the right choices and give them a good understanding of why and how. School in America isn't really optional for children, that wouldn't change. Children would still have to go to school and if they don't choose a career they can still learn a general education. There are all kinds of jobs that need to be done that plenty of people can fall back on if in case they didn't choose a career early. I think schools should be created to help teach children and adults the fundamentals of whatever subjects they choose. I believe this will create new teaching jobs for anyone who knows anything relevant about any given subject.
    • May 3 2013: I also believe that anyone should be able to change subjects at any time. I believe giving someone the choice at any time in life will eventually create a person who knows enough about at least one subject to pursue that as a career.

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