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Could a few of us get some help with an overwhelmingly big idea? We call it the Co-opernation. We could also use help naming things.

My beloved and I would often get frustrated watching TED talks, seeing all these lovely, brilliant ideas that we were afraid would never happen in the real world, even though they made more sense than what we saw around us.

When she passed away, a few of us started working on an idea she inspired.

The idea was to stop fighting AGAINST anything and to simply use every single tool at our disposal to make a better place for the people we loved. We looked in a lot of right places and even more wrong ones, focused on seeing tools as what they were rather than what they were used for, and a strange question presented itself.

Would it be possible to take the framework of a corporation, like a Valve or Mondragon, insert a whole bunch of other people's amazing ideas and basically, turn corporate campuses into charter cities? Could we free people to simply help other people and remove most of the worries society has created? If we do this right could we hire anybody who wants to be a good person and contribute to the greater good and instantly free them from the current messes we're in?

So, we found our 'yes' answer pretty early (mostly standing on the shoulders of giants who hate each other), but it was a scary revolutionary confrontational thing and somehow that just felt WRONG. So we dedicated ourselves to making it gentle, harmless, hilarious, and non-threatening, and we're pretty much there.

And now we need help! We're shy, but since TED really is the biggest source we have, we want to start here. Our hope is to get some help organizing us, getting this idea out there and into some better hands so it can grow and get even better, then we can hopefully crowdsource a mellow revolution.

If anybody could point us in the right direction it'd be great!


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    May 21 2013: This is the sort of focus I was hoping for. In consideration that the whole ideal does need to be explained in order for people to understand and "get it" thereby making it no longer scary as 'knowledge dispels fear", politician style needs to be utilised. By this I simply mean that, the message needs to be understood by all, so explanations (eventually) need to be in laymans terms, so everyone understands. After all 50% of people have below average intelligence!
    I think Fritzie is doing a nice job of doing this.
    There is a saying of Keep It Simple Stupid....KISS.... in this way something can be extremely complicated but easily understood (in principle/basics).
    While thinking of pratical application, it strikes me that, this whole concept is probably franchisable! For example, if you develop a system that is replicatable/blueprintable, then in order for it to be localised, it needs to be duplicated in x distance kilometres apart regions worldwide. This then enables sourcing of local produce, product, minerals etc. People would gravitate to the concept because the "Lifestyle" would appeal to them! :D
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      May 22 2013: It's a bit of a lateral hop (one of my favorite things!) but I've got to admit the franchise concept kind of fits!

      Of course, franchise kind of implies 'clones', and we're fully aware that we don't know what's going to work best, and with people as varied as they are we should embrace that rather than limit it. So perhaps think of it as a 'base' franchise with a varied collection of basic options and some empty space left for other types of experiments that may work well enough to be added to the collection of basic options if enough other people like them?

      The franchise view does an EXCELLENT job of capturing the vision of a large number of at least somewhat similar city-state-campuses, I had the old church-missionary-school-doctor view in my head as a placeholder for similar reasons, they overlap a lot but each also has a few unique elements.

      And, of course, this is where a lot of the potential for fun comes in!

      I've got to say though, I like to think I have a pretty good understanding of things, and there are a few bits that were initially scary as we encountered them, I mentioned a few to Fritzie in reply, and of course there are more. I think however we're already talking about a point in our evolution where we started seeing a LOT more solutions than problems. That was kind of a relief, there was a stretch where it felt more every solution created five more problems :)

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