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Who is responsible for Sarabjit's death?

Sarabjit Singh (1963/1964 – May 2, 2013) was an Indian national who claimed to be a victim of mistaken identity and was convicted for his alleged role in the bomb attacks that killed 14 people in Lahore and Faisalabad in 1990. Sarabjit was a farmer who claims he strayed into Pakistan from his village located on the border, three months after the bombings.He was sentenced to death in 1991, but his hanging had been repeatedly postponed by Pakistani courts. Five mercy petitions were filed on his behalf, in which he maintained that he served twenty-two years of prison term for a crime he had not committed. A few weeks earlier he was attacked by some terrorists in the prison. He died on 2/May/13 due to serious injuries. Who is to be held responsible for such a merciless death? Media person are blaming the government of India but what they had done? They tried hard but couldn't succeed. I think so Pakistan is to be held responsible for that death.

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    May 3 2013: Sarbajit's capture, trial, imprisonment and eventual death are all contentious issues. It's pathetic that Indian Government jumps up to declare Sarbajit a national martyr, while for 22 years it did practically nothing worthwhile to sort this out with Pakistan.
    Pakistan, as a nation, is now poised over the line beyond which it may be reckoned as a rogue country. It is sad even for a large number of well meaning Pakistani people. But there seems to be only one answer to your question : Both India and Pakistan. The former is guilty of non-action and later is guilty of action.
    I don't think it is still too late. Never is too late. The youth of both the countries can stop this nonsense.
  • May 3 2013: Isn't it a little late?
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      May 3 2013: It's very very late. Keeping a person who was not at all linked to bomb blast, for around 22 years. And not giving him protection! When Indians caught Kasab (26/11 Mumbai attack) he was kept in a cell with level z security, There was no evidence against Sarabjit. Yeah, it is late but the question is that who is responsible for that innocent death? Why China and Pakistan trying to seize India? I think this thing will get worse with time like the relation between North Korea and South Korea.
      • May 4 2013: Rhitik I don't disagree It's just we have executed innocent people here in America and Texas.
        I just don't want to criticize someone else.