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Has technology advanced us or created a problem

our fore fathers in have always believed in natural solutions and they have been working for them, like the herbs taken raw, for the cure of ailments and the likes.. more so, the feet receive energy for the energy been radiated from the ground but most people spend extravagantly in purchasing what doesn't need upgrade but enhancement

  • May 5 2013: Technology does nothing.

    We have advanced ourselves through technology, and we have caused many problems with technology.

    We have also advanced ourselves through the arts, politics and religion, etc. and we have caused many problems for ourselves through the arts, politics and religion, etc.

    Technology is not even an issue.

    We are the problem, and we are the solution.
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    May 4 2013: I wanted to say it has helped, but nuclear weapons may prove me wrong. An increase in life expectancy has also increased global populations. So I don't know.

    The best answer I can come up with is...we shall see.
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    May 2 2013: look, i'm sitting here with my 2x2.5GHz PC, listening to surround music, surfing the internet. if this is a problem, it is the best problem i have ever had.
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    Gord G

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    May 5 2013: Yes.
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    May 4 2013: Adekunle,
    I believe the important piece of the puzzle is HOW WE USE technology, which has the potential to advance us AND create challenges. If we make good choices regarding how we use technology, it can contribute to advancing us, and the alternative can also be true.

    Our fore fathers believed in whatever "natural solutions" were available to them at the time. As humans, we are part of nature, and I perceive technology to be part of our human evolution. As intelligent, thinking, feeling humans, we can make choices that balance technology with other natural solutions which could have the potential to enhance the life experience AND be aware of our environment.

    Are you aware of this other related TED discussion?
  • May 4 2013: It depends .. coz we r dependent on tech too .. the very basic nature of a human being is to be curious .. the journey frm ape to man the greatest contribution is done by our curiosity n time by time it changes in technology N many other things.. & this curiosity will lead us to our end ..
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    May 4 2013: AS, Probally a little of both. I have a "minimal" cell phone with a cheap plan. I need to call family and they call me. I total about two hours a month on the cell phone. My daughter has one that I am sure under the proper conditions coould give birth and takes half her check to maintain.

    Penicillin was a great invention and has saved many lives ... fat busters, energy drinks, and five dollar a cup coffees are taking money.

    I buy generic aspirine 1000 for a cheapo (like me). Brand name costs five bucks for 20. The active ingreadent is the same for both. It either has aspirine in it or not ... it is either buffered or not ....

    I have a weather rock on a rope in my front yard .... my neighbor has a weather system (expensive) .... My weather rock is basic .. if it is wet = rain, white = snow, swinging = windy, etc ... I can afford a fancy car ... but my old truck will get me there in about the same time. It is simply a means of getting from point A to point B.

    So I reduce your question to ... can we do without the crap .... yep. The question is how many of us could survive if time required us to live off of the land and use survival techniques.

    Don't get me wrong I am spoiled also ... but I could and do survive without all of the fancy toys and the items that the ads same we cannot do without. Guess they were wrong. I am pretty self sufficient.

    I wish you well. Bob.
  • May 3 2013: I believe that technology can become what the maker wants it to become. I feel that over time the motives of many new technologies created was not for the greater good, or well thought out, thus making the effect of technology negative.
    I am a firm believer of the prayer of serenity:

    Serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    Courage to change the things I can
    Wisdom to know the difference

    And we have a hard time practicing this thought process, we can't and should not fix everything. Not everything was meant to be controlled, manipulated, tampered with (animal breeding, diseases, GMO, DNA, weather, weapons etc) These things will cause our extinction. It brings me back to the concept of money and how, it has hindered us from excelling in life. We do not have access to become advanced in a safer more natural way because it costs too much. So we are stuck with mediocre technology with a bunch of harmful side effects.
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    May 3 2013: The world is not perfect, and it is not meant to be perfect. Science and technology has been helpful in a whole lot of ways; but it has also created dozens of problems for each one it claims to be solving.

    Such is life on earth; and with humanity, good luck with life on Mars.
  • May 3 2013: Both
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    May 2 2013: .
    It has.
    It leads us to self-extinction.
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      May 3 2013: Self extinction???
      I had no idea we were an endangered species.
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        May 5 2013: .
        "People spend extravagantly" makes our planet unsustainable.
        Where can we live?
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    R H

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    May 2 2013: I would say tech has advanced us. We have not yet learned to adequately harness the energy from 'the ground' and all around us to be reliably effective for our day-to-day lives. So we've developed 'tech' to harness the energy of life for the improvement of life.