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Gifted kids bullied or bullies?

Bullying has been a long battle for most nations around the world. It has caused the death of several teens and young students.

Have you had any experience wherein a gifted student has been bullied? Or they themselves bully others? What are the probable cause of this and what should be done?

I shall await for your inputs! Thanks in advance! ^^




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  • May 3 2013: Hi Sherrlene,

    I have two gifted brothers. My eldest brother suffered severe bullying when he was in the public school system. His teachers recognized his talent, but couldn't offer any facilities to accommodate him at the time. My mother finally found a 'gifted program', in which he flourished.
    My other brother had a very different experience. He was also in the public school system, but his academic talent actually made him admired and quite popular. My mother put him in the gifted program for a short while, but he was extremely unhappy there. She put him back in the public school system, where he flourished.

    Why one gifted brother was bullied and the other admired comes down, I think, to their own individual ability to adapt socially during those tough adolescent years, and their own individual characters.
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      May 4 2013: Lizanne... from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for this :) I hope both boys are doing well now. It's saddening to hear hurtful stories like that of one of your brothers. This is a very useful insight for my research. Thank you so much ^^
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      May 4 2013: by the way Lizanne, which areas are your brothers gifted at? :)
      • May 4 2013: Hi Sherrlene!
        I'm happy to say, both brothers are extremely happy! Puberty was simply not a fun time for either of them.

        My eldest brother excelled in language, the other in technology (3-D rendering, IT)

        Glad to hear this will help your research!

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