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Gifted kids bullied or bullies?

Bullying has been a long battle for most nations around the world. It has caused the death of several teens and young students.

Have you had any experience wherein a gifted student has been bullied? Or they themselves bully others? What are the probable cause of this and what should be done?

I shall await for your inputs! Thanks in advance! ^^




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    May 4 2013: Sherrilene, As I have stated many times on TED .. I was raised in a orphanage and can tell you there are many reasons for bullying. It can be a pure and simple matter of "pecking order" or in the case of this conversation I think it is a matter of feeling inadequate, embarressment, resentment, amnd lacking the mentality to cope with the situation and resorting to physical violance. Prior to college I attended a Labatory High school on a college campus ... the cost to those not in the "home" was very high and exclusive. Almost everyone was a nerd so the shoe was on the other foot ... The nerds and geeks were cruel to the average students. There were not many fights but the "claws" were always out and the comments sharp.

    In the public system part of the blame could be put on teachers ... I am often guilty also ... it is such a thrill to have a "gifted student" we often go to them even without thinking and that makes the rest of the class angry ... since they cannot go after the teacher they go after the teachers pet.

    We are all contributors ....

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      May 4 2013: Bob, you gave me a skip beat! This is very relevant! Thank you for the honesty :)

      That is true! Having gifted kids around is very convenient for teachers (guilty here!) and we do not realize that the down side is placed on their shoulders!

      I am speechless as I read your insight! Thank you very much!! :')
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      May 4 2013: I can't even begin to paraphrase your words! I'll share your story to inspire more teens to rise up from bullying :) THANK YOU!!!!!

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