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Gifted kids bullied or bullies?

Bullying has been a long battle for most nations around the world. It has caused the death of several teens and young students.

Have you had any experience wherein a gifted student has been bullied? Or they themselves bully others? What are the probable cause of this and what should be done?

I shall await for your inputs! Thanks in advance! ^^




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  • May 4 2013: But those who are not engaged tend to cause more problems Sherriene. That's true.
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      May 4 2013: I know :) We'll get there George. If we look at bullying as one big picture, it tends to be very overwhelming :) So we're doing it one sector at a time. Others are working on those who are not gifted. My part is that of the GTs :)
      • May 4 2013: Sherriene Okay sounds good. But as a formerly gifted kid -
        I didn't bully, and I felt others caused a great deal of trouble.
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          May 4 2013: Wow! glad to meet a gifted one here! ^^ Why did you say you're a "formerly gifted kid"?
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        May 4 2013: There are likely quite a number of people here in the TED community who were labeled gifted who would not mention it in social or professional conversation. One reason might be that they have experienced bullying and stereotyping of them based on the label. Another reason is that many gifted children are suitably advised that they should expect their ideas and work to be evaluated only on the basis of merit, without regard for how they have performed on IQ tests.

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