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Gifted kids bullied or bullies?

Bullying has been a long battle for most nations around the world. It has caused the death of several teens and young students.

Have you had any experience wherein a gifted student has been bullied? Or they themselves bully others? What are the probable cause of this and what should be done?

I shall await for your inputs! Thanks in advance! ^^




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    May 2 2013: I don't think the issue of bullying needs to be addressed differently for gifted kids than for other kids. As I have worked with gifted kids for about twenty years, I have been aware of instances of bullying among them. I don't recall reading any research indicating whether there is any correlation at all between between bullying among kids and giftedness.

    Here is an article about bullying and giftedness. http://www.nagc.org/uploadedFiles/GCQ/GCQ_Articles/Bullying%20-%20Spring%202006.pdf

    The cases with which I am familiar were gifted kids bullying other gifted kids.
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      May 3 2013: Hi Fritzie! Thanks for your reply! What forms of bullying are the gifted kids engaged in? Thanks
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        May 3 2013: Gifted children are first and foremost children. Gifted adolescents are adolescents. Gifted teenagers are teenagers. They have cognitive advantages over same age peers and some slightly different social and emotional issues than same-aged peers, but they are not a different species.

        The forms of bullying I have seen among gifted kids look very much like the forms of bullying one sees among other kids in their same communities and of the same age. There are in-group and outgroup behaviors, cyberbullying, ostracizing particular targets, spreading rumors, and so forth- just like with other kids. In a well run school, these behaviors are infrequent because the staff is on the lookout for it and deals with it as soon as they see it.

        I was unaware of any physical bullying among any kids on the school premises, but I had no playground or gym class presence.
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          May 4 2013: Thank you very much Fritzie! You've been a constant source of help ^^ This will be very helpful for my research ^^

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