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Gifted kids bullied or bullies?

Bullying has been a long battle for most nations around the world. It has caused the death of several teens and young students.

Have you had any experience wherein a gifted student has been bullied? Or they themselves bully others? What are the probable cause of this and what should be done?

I shall await for your inputs! Thanks in advance! ^^




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    May 2 2013: I'm from PerĂº but live in Argentine since 15 years ago, when I was a child suffered that problem. I think that is attributed for two big problems
    1) Ignorance
    2) Family troubles
    The good is both of them have solutions, educational institutions should be incorporate professionals for controle it this, really is very important, bullying have bad impacts in society.
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      May 3 2013: Hi Nestor! Yes, I agree with you! Bullying has become one of the biggest societal problems at present.

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