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History tends to repeat itself. Empires rise and fall in a vicious circle of greed, tribal thinking, prejudice, misunderstandings and envy.

Empires, organisations and companies rise and fall, new are created, get competitors and fall or not, change and evolve, or fall again. People tend to be seduced by either organisations, ideas, tribes, values, often without questioning their source, wondering why they get seduced or what the intention, goal, purpose or competence of the seducer is.
But in the end, it's facts that are more important than fiction.
Or, as they say in NY, true facts.

Do the tedsters have any stories, thoughts or insights about this? Links can be provided.
Excuse my being young and colloquial but... Share or be square..


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    May 3 2013: Whether it is 564BC or 1412AD or 1984, human nature is simply the same through the ages.
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      May 3 2013: depending what "human nature" means.

      for example in 1500 europe, setting a cat on fire and watching die was considered a good joke. today, you can barely find people that would find that entertaining.
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        May 3 2013: Yes; but violence is still considered entertaining.
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          May 3 2013: violence has a degree. today, we only entertained by mild or obscure violence, like sports, movies, or "antiterrorist" attacks. i'm okay if in the future, people will enjoy the former two and just abandon the third.
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        May 3 2013: Similarly in 1500 Europe nobody could have entertained the idea of gawking, over a bowl of pop corn, at a screen with pictures showing a robotic airplane destroying property and life in real time.
        Sense and sensibility change. Human nature may not.
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          May 3 2013: are you sure about that? do you think that people in 1500, given the opportunity, would not watch the hell out of such a show?
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        May 3 2013: Human nature changes and shows change as the flow of information and knowledge change. Sometimes you just have to wake up and smell the difference, not only the coffee.
        Best wishes.
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        May 4 2013: @ Kris : Honestly, no. But that reinforces my statement that basic human nature either doesn't change or if it does, it does awfully slow - and our sense of 'change' or its pace is more imagination than fact. Actually, such hopeful optimism springs forth from a belief that 'humanity' is something independent of the environment where human beings evolve.
        And dear Anna, I woke up one day smelling the coffee. It smelt of blood, sweat and tear of people who just were used and dispensed like livestock for centuries to bring me the morning luxury.
        Have you seen a 'wish' for many of us to look at nature as something benevolent nurturing us? Like a mother? Nothing can be more wrong than that. Nature is cold, relentless, unforgiving. It permits no excess. Its multitudes and abundance are not a divine gift of eternal kindness, it is a result of life's proliferation to survive. We can at best learn to live with it intelligently. End of story.
        There is a limit after which we cannot pretend that the human drama with all its values, morality and ethics is primal - simply because we are animals, however advanced, in a huge biological reality where we are surviving. All those dark things that Anna mentioned in the OP are dark only because we shine a surreal light of human nature on life.
        History, IMO, will keep on repeating as long as we demand that the human nature has a supernatural decree of being kind, compassionate, altruistic and sacrificing sitting within an environment where violence is one primary tool of survival. Religions doped us for millenia in that direction.
        I agree with Anna in one point. Change will come when we are informed with knowledge. When we realize wars will not stop by kindness, wars will stop when we understand it is a zero sum game. Same for envy and greed.
        This is a moral question basically. We need to change morality to break the repetitive cycle.
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          May 4 2013: no it does not reinforce. we just established that out of two terrible activities 1500 self would happily do, we only would do one. that is progress.
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          May 4 2013: "We need to change morality to break the repetitive cycle."

          ...while not forgeting that those who lack the moral sense do not lack it because it's their choice. They were taught to lack it, had no other choice but to lack it or were seduced by concepts or ideas that didn't include moral sense.
          Australia is an interesting example - all troublemakers of England were sent there as a punishment, but their punishment was actually their freedom. Now see how they're doing. It was an accidental social experiment, but very educational.
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        May 4 2013: That's another ambiguous word, that 'progress' :) So you mean we are progressively repeating history! I thought it was not yet 70 years from the holocaust? Please don't mistake cosmetic dressing for health.
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        May 4 2013: No. I am the person that can tell the current state and rate of change both but not the direction you seem to be indicating. And I am sure you know how in a circle the state can change at a given rate and the implication of direction, don't you?
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          May 4 2013: you can tell it contrary to all evidence. nice job. but i'm not interested in oracles.
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          May 4 2013: "you can tell it contrary to all evidence. nice job. but i'm not interested in oracles."

          Neither do I because Neos are not out there... ;) What I'm interested in is a lot of other things.
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        May 4 2013: I hope you are not citing history as 'evidence' :) Oh you are being so predictable Kris!!
        Ok let's sing a song?
        how many ears must one man have
        Before he can hear people cry?
        Yes, 'n' how many deaths will it take till he knows
        That too many people have died?
        The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
        The answer is blowin' in the wind.

        • May 4 2013: Its too bad that all you can offer is supposition.
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      May 3 2013: ...and let's not forget that we are all Africans.
      • May 4 2013: I hope you're joking.
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          May 4 2013: She is not, at least to me. Or you and I have very different sense of humor.
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        May 4 2013: At some point .. but the evidence seems to say we are Basque.
        But before that we had low foreheads .. or were little elves.

        The trumpet of the future is not much wider than the trumpet of the past.
        But the tune gets played in the instant - it makes us dance.
        DO we dance in circles?
        Not often. There is rhythm, but it is the beat of questing/dancing feet, not the beat of machinery.

        We dance .. our feet touch the ground and we know what the ground is .. not what it was .. who cares what it will be?
        Just dance ;)
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          May 4 2013: Thanks, Mitch.

          I do hope you dance and know the ground, I hope others dance too, just not in circles ;)

          "who cares what it will be"... some people have to ;)

          Ride the helix while not forgetting that to ride the lightning is still kind of cool.
          Best wishes.
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        May 5 2013: Well .. lightening is a fractal helix if you are to believe the electric universe guys.

        For myself, I believe that everything is composed of inflections of time.

        We are necessarily vain. A self cannot be not-self.
        There is a Boolean truth that empowers the double negative above the simple positive.
        For instance, you will find that computers work mostly from "not-gates".

        The next step of the dance is dictated by the ground of the current step plus the persistence of the dancer - best to leap over the fire than into it ;)
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          May 7 2013: And my humble question in response to all this is - what next?
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        May 8 2013: What next?
        If you are not already - leap over the fire .. not around it. Use your intelligence to not land in it.

        How does this translate into specifics?

        well - what context did you have in mind?
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        May 9 2013: @ Anna,

        One can cut up the universe to fine dust - and the dust into atoms and the atoms into strangelets with spin this way or that.
        But the important specific is the one between think and do. Between potential and actual.
        What you ask is the hardest question of all.
        SO .. I say jump over the flame.
        What is that? It is surrender to your passion - taking the risk that your passion will burn you up.
        Anna - what is your passion? What have you done to realise it?
        And then - when you go to realise, you suddenly know that you don't know how.
        And then a magic thing happens - the way to do starts to come into your life.
        The steps materialise beneath your feet, and people bring the skill to you.
        You gain the skill .. and you do a little, then as the skill grows .. you do a lot.
        And then you look around and you see that you .. in turn .. have provided the way for others.
        The fire grows high, and some leap and some burn.
        Just do it.

        (edit .. I am not the king of the world .. but I know what a king is. There is only one Anna Kazcorowska in the universe - no one else can do the job of being Anna Kazcorowska. Be the king of you - that is your work, and your work alone .. the better you do at it , the more kings you will meet - that is the only specific worth talking about)

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