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History tends to repeat itself. Empires rise and fall in a vicious circle of greed, tribal thinking, prejudice, misunderstandings and envy.

Empires, organisations and companies rise and fall, new are created, get competitors and fall or not, change and evolve, or fall again. People tend to be seduced by either organisations, ideas, tribes, values, often without questioning their source, wondering why they get seduced or what the intention, goal, purpose or competence of the seducer is.
But in the end, it's facts that are more important than fiction.
Or, as they say in NY, true facts.

Do the tedsters have any stories, thoughts or insights about this? Links can be provided.
Excuse my being young and colloquial but... Share or be square..


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  • May 2 2013: Yes history has interesting stories about rise and fall of empires and organizations.

    I think there are two main reasons for this: illegitimate leadership or failure to adapt to change.

    Nowadays some of the new "empires" like USA, European Union and organizations like Google and Amazon are less likely to fall and might be with us for very long. For example, Google constantly adapts and even leads change.


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