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Which method of avoiding water shortage is more valuable: developing new sources of water or conservation of it?

More than one-third of all worlds will likely be facing very serious water shortages by 2050, according to a new report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council. Up to date, approximately 700 million people in 43 countries suffer from water shortages. High rates of population growth, poor management, environmental pollution, low water use efficiency lead to the depletion of water resources. The United Nation Secretary-General Ban Gi Moon noted that in the future water shortages will pose a threat to economic and social development and environmental sustainability. He believes that in order to overcome this problem is important to the integrated management of water resources and international cooperation, as many rivers and aquifers are the common heritage of countries.


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  • May 10 2013: If I may add to my previous comment, think of it this way; If you take 1 litre/gallon of water for your use, ask yourself these questions:
    1) Where did you obtain it from? - (Reservoir, groundwater/aquifer, desalinated etc.)
    2) What purpose are you going to use it for? Restrict volume of water needed by doing so.
    3) Can it be reused once you're done? If not can treatment recover some, if not all?
    4) Are you encouraging others to do the same?
    • May 10 2013: Thank you for your advices and recommendations. you wrote that we can use desalanation method for water purification yeah, i agree but it not beneficially from economics perspectives, it is very expensive and require a lot of energy, and also some countries unable to use desalanation, that's why they can be left without water.
      • May 11 2013: Yes desalination has been proved to be effective, but it more that just plain expensive, desalination concentrates the seawater near the plant, affecting more than 90% of valuable marine life. If i'm not mistaken desalination is banned in the U.S? More than that, why spend unnecessary time and energy when cheaper alternatives are available.
        I've recently posted a conversation regarding this matter: Taking Payback Period Analysis out of Water Conservation System Designs. Check it out, hope it'll give you some insight on this matter.

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