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Why can't we all get together and find a cure to all terminal diseases?

I have not done enough research on collaboration between research centers but I promise to read all of your comments, since I am mostly asking this question to learn from you.

One of my dreams is to be able to witness an international collaboration and a public commitment from top research centers to find a cure to terminal diseases and to distribute the cure for free to people in need.

Do you think that there is a competition between research centers and scientists? Do you think that some groups are more focused on finding a cure to make money rather than finding a cure to save lives? I would love to know what you think.



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  • May 13 2013: Sickness is a challenge. Challeges makes us stronger. We evolve biologically and mentally because of challenges. Evolution is from the GRADUAL adaptation of a species to overcome achallenge. Evolution is natural. So we must evolve by natural means. natural Selection, good diet, good environment, changing the world with one Act of Random Kindness at a time, etc. Sickness can kill and has killed billions. But caution is better than cure and elimination is worse than doing something efficiently. We must be present oriented. We are spirits of lov, wisdom, and contemplation. We must be resilient at look at life, our life, not staying alive but being alive.

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