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Why can't we all get together and find a cure to all terminal diseases?

I have not done enough research on collaboration between research centers but I promise to read all of your comments, since I am mostly asking this question to learn from you.

One of my dreams is to be able to witness an international collaboration and a public commitment from top research centers to find a cure to terminal diseases and to distribute the cure for free to people in need.

Do you think that there is a competition between research centers and scientists? Do you think that some groups are more focused on finding a cure to make money rather than finding a cure to save lives? I would love to know what you think.



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  • May 12 2013: We can and are :-) slowly but surely the pace of change and collaboration is increasing and fortunately for us we are rapidly approaching if not already at a point of a paradigm shift in medical science from cure to prevention. Money is a great motivator as we saw with the x prize if you want to profoundly accelerate anything put a big prize up for grabs. I wonder what would happen if 10 or 100 million pound prize was publicized for the cure of HIV or Cancer? I bet very quickly cures would be flying at you left right and center. As a species we now poses the knowledge required to solve almost all the problems humanity faces whether it be disease, famine or disasters but as you suggest until we harness the ability to focus as a collective the solutions will never disseminate at the speed one would ideally like.

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