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Why can't we all get together and find a cure to all terminal diseases?

I have not done enough research on collaboration between research centers but I promise to read all of your comments, since I am mostly asking this question to learn from you.

One of my dreams is to be able to witness an international collaboration and a public commitment from top research centers to find a cure to terminal diseases and to distribute the cure for free to people in need.

Do you think that there is a competition between research centers and scientists? Do you think that some groups are more focused on finding a cure to make money rather than finding a cure to save lives? I would love to know what you think.



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  • May 4 2013: If they find a cure they lose their job and paycheck.
    • May 4 2013: This is a big part of it. Cured people don't pay money, sick people do. If you find a cure, you make a lot of money short term, but not long term.
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        May 8 2013: It's likely that as new diseases emerge and deadly epidemics pose serious threats to the Western world, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and researchers will collaborate to create more cures, rather than simply medicating the pestilence. However, it will unmistakably come at a cost. The collaborators will probably be quite parsimonious when administering free drugs to poverty stricken communities.
        • May 8 2013: The response to disease or epidemics striking the western world would be incredibly fast. However, the treatment would not be widespread unless it would benefit those major economic areas of the world. It is sad that medicine has become what it is today.
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      • May 4 2013: It think it should be both it would be a better way to balance cost and profits
        The method can change as can the cure. The economic problems are easy trust in new systems and business models are the challenge.

        Human health has always bin a living paradox its a changing puzzle
        With many different solutions and problems.
    • May 7 2013: But there's always the possibility of finding better and cheaper cures, which can possibly be even more profitable than the original cure itself.
      Mass production of said cure and distribution are also profitable things that research centers could then focus on. So I doubt they'd be losing their jobs anytime soon.

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