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What was Jack Ruby's motive?

I've watched and read endless material about whether there was a second gunman or a government conspiracy or just a lone nutter. What I am yet to hear is a reason for Jack Ruby to shoot Oswald. To me that's the big mystery of the whole situation.


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  • May 2 2013: Peter - I never met Jack Ruby or Lee Harvey Oswald, but I did talk to Mrs. Oswald (Lee's mother) at the grocery store. The local PBS radio station was playing a recording she made while still alive late at night. She was a nice lady but certainly not normal. I really doubt the other two were either. Hearing her recording reminded me that she was a very unhappy loyal mother who never backed down, and was tolerated and respected in a weird sort of way by everyone. Oswald was apparently a radical lefty, and Ruby was very angry about the assissination of our President. What Pat says makes sense,too. Reading anything about either man suggests no intelligence agency would want to be in the saame room with either of these nuts. Oswald had an easy shot. This had never happened before. The Secret service will never make this mistake again. Ruby shooting Oswald - This would only happen in a movie written by idiots. You'll not find a conspiracy unless E.T. planned it.
    • May 2 2013: HI george.
      Who do you work for?
      Oswald did not have an easy shot. A rifle not noted for accuracy, through at least one tree to a moving car and a moving target and wind.
      why do you ignore that most people ran towards the grassy knoll because, as they all said, "that is where some of the shots came from?"

      Ruby was a pawn who killed Oswald because Oswald was innocent.

      Doesn't even take into account the bullet found was in pristine condition, something that could never have happened. To believe that is to lie to oneself intentionally or through willing ignorance. Why lie to others?

      Let's not forget the FBI admitted they had (supposedly and accidentally), reversed some of the frames from the Abraham Zapruder film that fit their story when in fact, put in the correct order and correct way, show their version is not true. A lie.

      No conspiracy? That's a lie! who do you work for? He was assassinated for Christ's sakes!
      Let's see. Assassination doesn't point to a conspiracy?

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      May 5 2013: The reason for my interest is that all the stories about Ruby being upset about JFK seem so unbeleivable. A low level mobster who runs a strip club doesn't really seem the type.
      • May 6 2013: Of course, we remember Presidents. Why else would we remember Oswald or Ruby? People act strangely. Of course, one can imagine a conspiracy - why would these manipulators of history choose two kooks? That's all I can say. Alot of people in Fort Worth, Texas, did meat Mrs. Oswald Lee's mother. I never did meet those two men who would be in a dictionary as examples of weird. Mrs. Oswald was a pleasant lady at the Piggly Wiggly a grocery store, but she was very different as a friend of mine who was a police Sgt. would describe her.
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          May 6 2013: I'm not even looking for a conspiracy, just beleivable motivation. Doing it on a dare sounds more likely than anything you read about it.
      • May 6 2013: Peter -

        I was just talking to a mentally ill friend on the telephone - It made know sense to me. My Myers-Briggs is INTJ - I look for rational reasons for things. Even history is often lacking in rational reasons. I assume you are what Keirsey describes as a Promethian as I am - As I essentially pointed out earlier. There is so much weirdness out there - A rational type murder would be like Stalin having Trotsky murdered. The killer never told his name etc. With the end of the Cold War we have been told the details.

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