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What was Jack Ruby's motive?

I've watched and read endless material about whether there was a second gunman or a government conspiracy or just a lone nutter. What I am yet to hear is a reason for Jack Ruby to shoot Oswald. To me that's the big mystery of the whole situation.


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  • May 4 2013: George.
    " No one can keep a secret this long."

    Are you kidding me?
    We are still discovering secrets from long ago.
    We have still been unearthing the truth about many things.
    It took time to learn that our government has been lying to us/US and continues to lie to us/Us and you actually believe what you wrote?

    Your government, through people like Barrack bin Obama, have recently used such phrases as, (paraphrased by me),"those who shrink or avoid disclosure, are those who have something to hide."

    Yet your government gets more secret every day. There is virtually no transparency. It is all Opaque Obama.
    And yet you believe yourself, them, especially after they have been proven to be liars, criminals, thieves and basic psychopaths.

    George, if we have been told the truth, then why does our government hide it?
    Why do we seek the truth if we have already been told it?
    Because we "know", intuitively that we have not.
    Why did our government seal everything around the JFK assassination until, what? 2031?
    For what purpose?
    And you believe this BS?

    I've had the s.......t scared out of me many, many times in my life but I couldn't change or didn't change until something different occurred. What was it?
    It was having the bu.............sh.......t scared out me. I no longer believe what any lawyer, banker, politician, military personnel, any one in any authority, who speaks to the public in any kind of venue, or any one of that ilk, has to say today.

    If you do, then I think you might be so brainwashed as to not be able to reason well any more.
    You might think my position sounds crazier, but please let it sink in.

    Within each person, is a system, through which both lies and truth must pass on their journey to each person's inner core, their inner most self.
    With the amount of lies and dis-ception Americans have been subjected to, this system is a baffle system and by the time the information reaches the core, the person is baffled, as are most Americans.

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