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What was Jack Ruby's motive?

I've watched and read endless material about whether there was a second gunman or a government conspiracy or just a lone nutter. What I am yet to hear is a reason for Jack Ruby to shoot Oswald. To me that's the big mystery of the whole situation.


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    May 2 2013: Peter, There is no absolute "fact" as to the role he played. Carlos Marcello had stated that he wanted Kennedy taken out and Jack was buddies with his Lts. Jack had mafa ties from the states and even some when the mafa ran casino in Cuba. He even went to Cuba prior to the shooting to visit McWillie. The Mafa did not like Kennedy as they blamed him for the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion and further disliked Robert Kenedy who as AG went after the mafa. By killing the president both JFK and Robert would be gone. After he shot Oswald the Mafa members visited Jack in Jail.

    He was linked to Jimmy Hoffa as a person who was to line up police officers to shoot Oswald in jail and failed to do so he then took on the job himself to shoot Oswald. In the photo Oswald did not notice or seem to recognize Ruby. The Warren Commission found it strange that Ruby was even there ... the garage was not guarded ... the doors to the basement were unlocked ... etc ....

    After Hoffa was released from prison by President Nixon three mafa members Hoffa, John Roselli, and Sam Giancana were called to testify in front of the Church Committee concerning events surrounding the Kennedy assination. Roselli and Giancana were killed and Hoff disappeared prior to being recalled to testify in 1975.

    Events names and lots of talk surround the Kennedy / Oswald / Ruby / etal events. Follow the trail of your choice.

    See ya. Bob.

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