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One world mind

Throughout all of time one thing very prevalent in our evolution is our want and desire to connect faster and more efficiently to each other. As we continue this path will it eventually lead to a connection of our brains themselves? would our selfishness for individuality keep us from hooking our own brains to the rest of the world as a whole? or would we realize that it would eliminate violence, corruption, greed, selfishness, lying, cheating, stealing, organized religions, war, nationalism, irrationality and with ALL individuals being unintelligent. Would we give up our own individuality in order to become one with everyone? to become one mind with many bodies??


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  • May 4 2013: I do self-hypnosis I've heard hypnotists say the same. But that doesn't make it fake. The placebo effect is real. It is amazing how well some placebos work. Jung is not inconsiquential nor was Milton Ericson. I am neither saying pro nor con, but i just can't blow it off completely. Then there are other similiar arguments. Einstein said religion is not for nothing.Maybe we are talking about different things, and we can go many different ways with this Curt. Godspeed.
    • May 4 2013: That does make it fake it isn't the hypnosis it's placebo so it's fake. Yes the placebo effect does do something but you can do the same thing if you just trick your mind.
      • May 5 2013: Curt trick your mind if it works -It is your mind, isn't it. You wouldn't have told me that if you expected me to believe that. Godspeed.
        • May 5 2013: well you trick your mind in many various netgods and hypnosis would be one of them.

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