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One world mind

Throughout all of time one thing very prevalent in our evolution is our want and desire to connect faster and more efficiently to each other. As we continue this path will it eventually lead to a connection of our brains themselves? would our selfishness for individuality keep us from hooking our own brains to the rest of the world as a whole? or would we realize that it would eliminate violence, corruption, greed, selfishness, lying, cheating, stealing, organized religions, war, nationalism, irrationality and with ALL individuals being unintelligent. Would we give up our own individuality in order to become one with everyone? to become one mind with many bodies??


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    May 4 2013: charles,you asked a hypothetical question,regarding all brains joining,becoming one...or to the contrarty would human primitive behaviour,violence,ect prevent such an event...you are not indicating a bias,or an opinion..just asking. I politely gave you a few ideas...which you called insane....your choice to be a judge...so I am curious as why a person such as yourself who has an opinion about what should or should not be possible is wasting time asking abstract questions,when you obviously have personal opinions of what is or is not the correct answer....why do you not be genuine and offer up your :correct opinion: instead of dismiss others heartfelt attempts to discuss topics that as of yet are still very much unknown...a little kinder and open will yield you more opinions ...be patient with others ..being correct is not license to be ungracious
    • May 4 2013: I wasn't trying to be rude with my first response i really liked your idea and wondered if it could be true. Now your response to that made it seem as you were offended somehow by me thinking of your idea as a possibility instead of just magic.

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