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One world mind

Throughout all of time one thing very prevalent in our evolution is our want and desire to connect faster and more efficiently to each other. As we continue this path will it eventually lead to a connection of our brains themselves? would our selfishness for individuality keep us from hooking our own brains to the rest of the world as a whole? or would we realize that it would eliminate violence, corruption, greed, selfishness, lying, cheating, stealing, organized religions, war, nationalism, irrationality and with ALL individuals being unintelligent. Would we give up our own individuality in order to become one with everyone? to become one mind with many bodies??


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    May 3 2013: A provocative concept Mr. Curt. Your first premise is debatable. "Throughout all of time one thing very prevalent in our evolution is our want and desire to connect faster and more efficiently to each other. " Many of the global conflicts past, present, and future, are the result of the very opposite of this premise. Communists do not want to connect faster and more efficiently with Free Market Capitalists. The same is true for White Supremicists and Blacks, or Yankees & Red Sox fans, Liberals & Conservatives, Islamics & Jews, etc. etc. You are correct that the eradication of ANY AND ALL differences between any of the 7-billion individuals on Earth would eliminate conflict. It would also eliminate every joy in life by way of collateral damage. No, no, a thousand times no! Thank you!
    • May 3 2013: Again the reason these people and groups don't connect with each other and even push each other away is because of their selfish individuality that make them fight over various issues. If we had one one mind those problems you mentioned would disappear. As for the removal of joy i don't get that? why would joy be removed, joy is triggered from many many different things. If we were all the same our joy would be from technological innovations and the advancement of our species. Yes you get some joy you get from individuality but A lot of it has nothing to do with that. you get joy from self fulfilment and inward enlightenment along with other major material things. Imagine the joy the entire worlds population being happy with something. That joy would be more than any individual could ever experience as our species as a whole would expirience it and that would be unimaginably beautiful.
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        May 3 2013: Charles, you support your idea with the assumption that all these adversarial groups I mentioned have some "want and desire to connect faster and more efficiently". That is NOT true. Perhaps they should have such a desire, and perhaps you have an idea that would make it possible, but the way things are now and always have been clearly show that your assumption is NOT true. You are building on sand, sir.
        • May 3 2013: ALL humans have the deep want to connect to others even those who are introverts it is deep rooted in our biology. And the truth is as long as people have nothing to fight over we get along it is prevalent in all of history. And yes i agree with you in the respect that humans now are selfish immoral and would never sacrifice their own mind for a mind as a while. But to say this can and will not happen is impossible to say we WILL have this choice in our future of either staying as a race of individuals or a race as a whole. The truth is this issue will not be a problem for us until far into the future but to say it will never become an issue is like saying we will never become more technologically advanced as we are at this point in time which is simply false.
        • May 3 2013: also, I don't get how I am "building on sand" I don't want an argument on the the argument I want people to think of this future issue as our generation will never experience this.
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        May 3 2013: RE: "all humans have the deep. . . ". Ah well, Charles. You can continue to chalk-up tension between all the groups I mentioned as being due to introverted personalities, but I cannot disagree more. You say such belief is a strong foundation for your idea for the betterment of future generations, and I applaud you for your motive, but I wish you would re-examine the strength of that fundamental premise. All the best in your noble pursuit young man. Do not be discouraged.

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