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One world mind

Throughout all of time one thing very prevalent in our evolution is our want and desire to connect faster and more efficiently to each other. As we continue this path will it eventually lead to a connection of our brains themselves? would our selfishness for individuality keep us from hooking our own brains to the rest of the world as a whole? or would we realize that it would eliminate violence, corruption, greed, selfishness, lying, cheating, stealing, organized religions, war, nationalism, irrationality and with ALL individuals being unintelligent. Would we give up our own individuality in order to become one with everyone? to become one mind with many bodies??


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    May 2 2013: Communism of the mind. I don't like it. I believe the concept of one mind should apply to the shared similarities in goals, moral value and peace-seeking. We're not born joined at the hip, we shouldn't be.
    • May 2 2013: yes, but we are very selfish of our own body and ego of self. You are using a negative term to describe something beautiful this would mean you are the world greatest artist greatest scientist all in one we would no longer kill fellow humans but all work together to one goal, improvement.
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        May 2 2013: I like the way you think - very positive and hopeful. We would hope that everyone in the world held such a disposition - I suppose I fear that because we are not yet able to turn the TV news station on without viewing violence and corrupt nature in our fellow human beings, I fear the idea of a lack of self - a self in which you are able to promote your own (and thereby assist others) in promoting morality, education, hope, etc.
        • May 2 2013: and we will never be able to do that as the individuals we are. With everyone being the same self improvement would be the exact same as improvement of our species as a whole. The only problem that i can see that could arise with this is the people with "bad" morals could affect everyone else as the mind as a whole. But i believe those morals are due to irrationalities that would be fixed with a large amount of unbiased information mixed with their morals making us good as a whole.
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          R H 30+

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          May 2 2013: Kendl, do not give in. Someone is with you. This idea is a drug, in my opinion. The 'self' is all we have to offer. Please see comment above.
        • May 3 2013: Give in? like i'm trying to indoctrinate her or something? It isn't a drug individuality is a drug the thought that we are special and the world is made for you and the universe revolves around us, all of these are on the same level. Individuality breeds selfishness which in turn makes greed which in turn produces violence. Would you really be so selfish as to turn down all the world as one mind and know that if you did join it all of those things i said WOULD disappear. As would you bite your own finger off? I truly believe this is what god is like one mind truly and utterly compassionate with the knowledge of trillions of minds all working together. And in a way aren't we already a one world mind? Internet, UN, cellphones and the united states government all of these have the idea of combining minds into one force and it has been proven a billion times over that together we are stronger and can keep the irrationalities of individuals to a minimum .

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