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One world mind

Throughout all of time one thing very prevalent in our evolution is our want and desire to connect faster and more efficiently to each other. As we continue this path will it eventually lead to a connection of our brains themselves? would our selfishness for individuality keep us from hooking our own brains to the rest of the world as a whole? or would we realize that it would eliminate violence, corruption, greed, selfishness, lying, cheating, stealing, organized religions, war, nationalism, irrationality and with ALL individuals being unintelligent. Would we give up our own individuality in order to become one with everyone? to become one mind with many bodies??


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    May 2 2013: I think of a "one world mind" as something that emerges out of many individual minds, much as an ant colony emerges out of ants, only much more so. I don't think that means being like a borg though, at least not any more than we are now. (I could start to think of many ways in which we *already are* like the borg.) I think a world mind is very different in nature to our own minds.

    I think of it more like whether a world-wide culture could develop, out of which self-consciousness might emerge (or maybe already has for all I know). We might be completely unaware of such a mind.

    But I think your question talked about a more hard-wired connection with our brains. Looking at a one world mind as a sort of parallel processing system with our brains acting as individual nodes, I don't think that is where we are headed as a species. However, I do think we have to be careful about the potential to abuse such connections into the brain. I look at that is not different in kind from propaganda, brain washing, marketing, and other methods of influence and control - only much more powerful.

    Sometimes our government, society, and culture seem to me like living things, similar to a one world mind - battle of the memes and all that. These things survive the death of individuals and last thousands of years.
    • May 3 2013: Great comment! yes a one world mind could be like ants but, I'm thinking more of all minds being connected into one system making everyone one person so our whole species would one.
    • May 3 2013: oh an i actually like that idea of allowing people to connect and disconnect to this system. But the truth is people would like the feeling of knowing everything instead of being one unintelligent mind. I think in the beginning we would have individual nodes but as it progressed we would simply stay in the system and never leave.

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