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Why is it so hard for one to open up about an abusive past?

How to you summon the courage to share? What are the reasons that one may keep such terrible things locked inside? How does one overcome this fear of sharing?


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    May 31 2013: I was in an abusive marriage.... For me I started really letting people know when I saw that there weren't many men talking about being victims in abusive relationships... and with that said I think one of the biggest reasons people don't talk about it or share their experience is because for what ever reason we think no one wants to hear it... Its some how not important enough to share.
    As a male when i told people i was divorced it seemed like there was alot of judgement, so when some asked what happened i would just say it was an unhealthy relationship... then a few i guess would pick up on my meaning and say something akin to its good you got out... and this frustrated me especially since in comparison women seemed to be more able to talk about it.
    then going online I found only a few people trying to raise awareness of "Male Battering" followed by a slew of insults and ridicule...

    so, i say if it happened it happened... and sharing what happened to you may help others deal with what happened to them, it can also help others realize and escape whats happening to them.
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      May 31 2013: Sebastian,
      I think sometimes people have difficulty hearing the stories of abuse because they don't know what to do about it, and that may feel frustrating, so it may appear that they don't care. Some people DO care and will listen.

      Although I volunteered in a shelter for women and children, we often had abused men call in for advice. There is also sometimes abuse with same sex partners.

      I agree that sharing our stories may help others to deal with their experiences, and may facilitate people making healthier choices regarding relationships.
    • Jun 1 2013: Sorry to hear about your experience; I've had the same for 50 yrs! I recommend "Lovefraud" blog site as well as Dr. Rob. Hare's books. He's the leading expert on psychosis. But they all say that it's good to educate others even if they chose to call us "crazy"! 10-20 symptoms everyone should know.

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