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Elevating photosynthesis to our atmosphere to directly target greenhouse gases

The topic of global warming and the noticable rise of CO2, carbon dioxide, in our biosphere has generated a lot of attention and has stimulated the interest of scientists for quite some time now.

I have never heard of this idea about how to handle or ease this situation, so I thought I would ask the opinion of others. We are aware that photosynthesis in plants produces the oxygen we need by taking in CO2, as well as H2O and sunlight. We also know that planting more trees helps our atmosphere maintain health.

I recently discovered there is a formed method of artificial photosynthesis, so I ask why we can't simply throw this method, by way of certain components or chemicals, into the outer region where the greenhouse gases are most concentrated. That way, the photosynthesis will combine with the increased sunlight and H2O from cloud vapour to remove the CO2 and give us an output of fresh oxygen.

Let me know what you think. As for methods of delivering this system into our atmosphere, I've thought about the contrails or emmision tails that come from planes and how we might add photosynthesizing chemical to this. Also, as a whimsical idea, what about an invention that allowed for hanging gardens above us?! That would be amazing.

  • May 2 2013: I think floating gardens would be awesome. It would be great if we could bioengineer a species of plant that produces a surplus of energy when it photosynthesizes, somehow convert that into energy that drives some electric motors to keep the thing afloat. Too bad that idea is way too full of holes to be feasible...
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      May 2 2013: Supercharged-photosynthesizing plants, awesome indeed.
  • May 8 2013: All Aboard...

    Well the trip from MARS was great.
    The old planet just got too dang hot.

    We migrated to Venus and tried putting Sulfuric Acid
    into the atmosphere.
    WoW !!

    That didn't work, so we decided to move to the Earth.
    We screwed up again when we saturated the atmosphere
    with CO2.

    What about Neptune? What can we do there?
  • May 8 2013: Whatever we do, we want to be able to reverse it,
    in case we made a mistake.

    I am fearful the rise in temperature may surprise us all.
    It could get hotter than expected, much hotter, and much quicker.

    As we get told about sometime in the future, blah, blah, blah...
    They might be wrong.
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    May 2 2013: .
    I think;

    Be happy validly!
    Quit harmful happiness!
    Then, save our planet easily.
  • May 2 2013: I believe that chemicals and such are not a good idea to throw around in an effect to fix things, biological solutions are best. Number one way I think would be to pump air into 'dead' algae ponds and use something we destroyed to help fix our issues.
    • May 8 2013: Has anyone researched the PATENTS. Perhaps the solution is there.

      As most of you don't know, Governments for the last 2,000 years
      have stopped the flow of ideas by protecting what they like to call
      Intellectual Property.

      Sure a great way to keep the Peons Peons, and the Wealthy Rich.

      Einstein became a world-class intellectual by working in a Patent Office
      and reading all those great ideas. He was smart of course, that's how
      he got the job in the Patent Office. lol