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Is there such a thing as 'Economic Discrimination'?

In society many forms of 'discrimination' have been outlawed. What has (seemingly) evolved as a result is greater economic distinction, whereas the gap between the 'have's' and the 'have-not's' has become increasingly prevalent. 'Good' neighborhoods, excellent schools, advanced city services, medical treatment availability, adequate police and fire service, are all (again, seemingly) decided by affordability. Those who are 'high' on the economic scale can access those services. Those who are not cannot. Is this a form of discrimination?

  • May 6 2013: Of course people without wealth distrust the wealthy.
    We have a society built upon a system of commerce
    favoring wealthy participants within that system.

    Congress beget Corporations and bestowed upon
    their leadership and our Politicians Limited Liability
    for certain actions. Actions that without Limited Liability
    protections could result in penalties that include loss
    of freedom and assets.
    The wealthy of this nation can be traced to commerce, and
    most specifically Corporate commerce.

    An interesting side-note: Russia's Putin recently nationalized
    their largest oil company, combined it with another, and now
    has the world's largest oil company. To do it, he put the
    original owner (the richest Russian) into prison.
    "and vise-versa?" NAW, The wealthy have no time to care.
    The Wealthy, and Politicians, are Onions, with many layers
    between themselves and those of lessor means.
    Yes middle income people hold that wealthy people
    are more clever and ruthless, because they have
    wealth. And, yes they think the poor are lazy and
    shiftless because they are poor.

    There is a class society among the poor also.

    ps: I really liked the lazy and shiftless part.
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      May 7 2013: Very interesting description of this 'theory' of Economic Discrimination. I have yet to see such an eloquent description from someone who feels there is no such thing as ED. Someone who feels that the system is 'fair and equitable' to all, where everyone has the same access to opportunity that the 'free market' provides, that we all view our 'brother and sister' citizens as equal participants in the society, and that it's 'choices' that determine their level of economic status that so many representative leadership, and politically active and involved people propose. Still waiting...
      • May 7 2013: WoW !!!
        I just got up this morning prepared to handicap a horse race.
        And you laid this out.
        You are right !!!
        I am waiting, as I am sure you are, for that absent Politician.
        We need Citizens in our government who have an agenda exactly like you describe.

        Leaders/Citizens who ferret out Economic Discrimination, and expose Perpetrators publicly.

        Leaders/Citizens who "name corruption" when Perpetrators propose new law, or changes in old law, that result in favoritism.

        Leaders/Citizens/Protectors who feel that their "Elected Responsibility" is to apprehend those with "unfair and inequitable access" to opportunity that the "free market" provides.

        Dotting the "I" and crossing the "T", is not enough.
        Were I of the opinion that the NAACP was without corruption,
        I would suggest they crank up their own Political Party.

        R H, Still waiting...
        I fear you may wait a long time...
  • May 4 2013: In the 1960's I made loans to the black people in Watts, California.
    Driving through Watts in the 1960's was an education itself.

    If you think Banks are the Bad News Bunch now,
    you should have been there then.
    Banks had "red-lined" Watts.
    They made no loans there.

    Elected Officials running the metropolitan area of Los Angeles
    both the City and County, had also 'red-lined" Watts.
    They made no improvements there.

    School Supervisors (those getting the big bucks) ignored Watts.
    School was a dangerous place for both students and teachers.

    Streets were never repaired, yards, no grass, gone to dirt.
    Homes turned into shacks with broken windows in most.
    Cars left parked on the streets were ALL dented.

    Hopeless men, without jobs, sat on main streets
    or drank in bars.

    White Police avoided Watts unless accompanied
    by a Black Officer.

    Profiling was an everyday Police practice.
    Drive-by shootings became commonplace.
    Arrests most often were brutal affairs.

    The people of Watts, finally had their fill.
    They Burned and Looted the place.

    Is there such a thing as 'Economic Discrimination'?
    You better believe there is...

    Detroit is the Watts of today... Today.

    I recall those big 3 auto manufacturers getting $Billions.
    Why? To what purpose?
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      R H

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      May 4 2013: Thanks Frank for your formidable response. You said you lent money in that area then. Why did you when no one else seemingly would?
      • May 5 2013: R H. Thank you,

        I took a job with a consumer finance company at 610 South Broadway
        in downtown Los Angeles. There I took Loan Applications, ran Credit
        Checks, and made Loans, counting out the cash to the borrowers.
        Most of our customers were Black. I am White.

        When later, after making telephone collection calls with no payment
        response, a face to face was needed to assess nature of the problem.

        I spend my evenings in Watts collecting face to face.

        While I was collecting, my customers were always polite,
        and I really liked meeting them.

        And being a white guy, in Watts, at night, I never felt at risk.
        I was young, but never felt foolish.
        Trouble comes when you look for it.

        I saw much in Watts that I hated to see, but, it was not
        caused, nor condoned by myself. Banks and Politicians
        were the problem behind the poverty. They remain the
        world's problem today, and they control enforcement.
        It is indeed a pitiful way to govern.
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          May 6 2013: Thanks. Ok. The type of 'discrimination' you're describing could be viewed as a business decision."As a lender, we wish to lend to those individuals with the highest probability of repayment, and we feel the risk is too great for our investment yada yada yada" etc. But do you also feel people of certain economic means are discriminated against by other people of different means. In other words, do you feel that people from less means 'distrust' or 'suspect' people from wealthy economic means simply because they're wealthy, and vise-versa? Do middle income people hold that wealthy people are more clever, or ruthless, because they have wealth, or that the poor are lazy and shiftless because they are poor, and therefore make decisions based on those determinations?
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    May 3 2013: .
    There is.

    It comes from greed.
    Greed comes from money.
    Money prevents us Be Happy Validly.
    Thus, there is the “economic discrimination”.
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      May 3 2013: Ok. Thanks for your reply.
  • May 2 2013: haha no not in any way it just means they are not skilled or are less fortunate than the others. The only way that there could be economic discrimination is people hating other because they are rich or poor. A good example is in modern america Obama has basically made all ultra rich people seem cold and heartless just because they won't give the people below them money that is discrimination. What you are talking about is having everyone equal aka Communism.
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      May 2 2013: Thanks!
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    May 1 2013: I might also add that the discriminator pays a price for his discrimination.

    In other words a business man is not going to serve only whites as he would be defeating the purpose of his business.

    Davis Bacon laws were passed to prevent what the market place would do otherwise.

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      May 2 2013: So you would say 'no', there is no such thing.
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        May 2 2013: There may be discrimination socially, but generally the short answer is that the free market does not discriminate because discrimination lowers the individual's income.

        Government however does because of Davis Bacon, minimum wage, etc
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          May 3 2013: So you would say 'yes', but from a limited perspective.
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    May 1 2013: The paranoia of discrimination in all of it's stripes has setup a pathology of inability to think critically.

    There is a gap between the rich and the poor and there always has been. You will read that this gap has widened over the past 30yr. That is not true. I can prove it but do not want to spend the time right now. But will if provoked by someone who will actually listen.

    The affluence created by a sorta free market does a better job of raising the poor out of poverty than any other system.