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Your potential!

[Forgive my no-good English]
It's a fact that our thoughts (consciously or not) generate our emotions.
To what point the environment (Parents, School, Friends, et cetera) is responsible for the shaping of our behavior and "personality"?
[I think that we are always receiving influence of the environment, and that the "strength" of the influence drops as we become more "critical', so, we, in a way, choose (in a way) how and how much the environment shapes us.]

We conserve the way of thinking that is not suited for the society nowadays. "Biological", "Natural"?
No. Fruit of the Environment.
We get angry at things that are not a threat.
We get afraid of things that don't offer ANY real danger.
We filter information to FIT our ways of thinking instead of shape our way of thinking with new things. (And these "ways" are more emotional than rational. "Emotional" being "use thinking that seemingly fit the emotions as basis instead of using actual facts")
Our inefficient way of thinking, our uncalibrated feelings.
We are conditioned to believe that it is natural, that we are the way we are because we "born this way".

It's true that we born with some "tendencies" (some of them, I think/guess/"am not sure", are created by the tiny influences, that nowadays we would consider insignificant, that happens just before birth and until we are aware of ourselves), but even so, is that enough to justify all the unnecessary problems that we create for ourselves?

Should not we pursue an Efficient mind?
Or it would be, like a LOT of things that people know are true, "hard to accept"?
We grasp so strongly the Idea of an special immutable whole self that we fail to notice the fact that we are animals, machines!
We want to be special, but why should it make our lives, and even our potential so much smaller than it really is?
Why should we be average, when what we REALLY want is to be SPECIAL?!

I'm talking about using your full potential with efficient emotions!

Expecting your thoughts.

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    May 31 2013: I wrote this today to someone who refused to waste her potential. She was hurt.

    My wife was once a young person like you. She was when I met her. And I suspect that you and she share many similar experiences. Even the bad experiences in some way. My wife was like you. My family is like yours. And my child just like you. You live in a beautiful country. You are surrounded by a very special nation. Please be who you are. Always. And believe. It is always who you are to believe.

    You are young. You are beautiful. And you are free. And because you are young, you have a future. Don't waste that gift. I am glad that you know about Pandora and her box. Keep that one closed. Put it away. But keep it safe. That is the story of Pandora and her box. But especially keep that box closed & safe & hidden away from everyone but yourself. And don't be like Pandora and open it. That was her mistake. You are the protector and guardian of that box. So be careful. But be alive. And be free. God gives you that blessing when you are young. And it goes away when you are old. You are strong today in ways that you do not understand; but you will when you are old. So think about that. It can be so hard to be strong, when you feel yourself getting old.

    So please keep yourself well and safe. Be smart, not stupid like so many others. One day when you are old, you will find that box again. And on the day you find it, you will learn something very important about how you have lived your life. For when you find that box again, you will find it open. And that will be a mystery, because you will know that you did not open it yourself. And if you have lived well, and have done all that I say, and all that you know you should -- there will be a treasure there inside that open box.

    You are young. You are beautiful. And you are free. Live well. And find that treasure some day. Remember what an old man tells you today. And be that treasure. Amen

    Use your potential; and be the special people you are.
  • May 29 2013: I agree with your way of thinking, but I would change or modify the exact terminology slightly. The "emotions" your talked about seem to be,we commonly called, prejudice. Prejudice could be expressed in 2 ways. The first is ego or egomaniac, a person could consider there are all people who don't know anything but their own comfort and safety. The second is more or less the reverse; he thinks that all other people are bunched together to conspire to oppress him from any potential success. Both of them cause him to be angry and forget or neglect any attempt or desire to develop his potential to succeed without regard to other people's reaction.
    I guess the efficient way is that one should suppress his emotions and go for success with all his potentials. The reason that he can still succeed is that not all the people are being ignorant or conspirators so that someone will extend a helping hand to his success along the way..
  • May 16 2013: I read your whole conversation and you're both stuck on nature vs. nurture issue. Both work hand and hand. Going to impoverished and enriched environment, yes that shows one's potential in that light. If you're born with a brain that is handicapped or "gifted" one could still hit full potential relative to themselves and their environment. If you have an accelerated brain and a impoverished environment, you can still hit your own potential relative to that environment. Likewise if you have a handicapped brain in an enriched environment. Nothing is perfect so comparing both these variables means one's own maximum potential is relative.
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      May 19 2013: "Gifted"?
      Gifted is like people call the ones that choose to evolve instead of accommodating themselves.

      Yes, the potential is relative.
      Likewise, few people try to use their potential.
      The way you talk make it sounds to me like you believe that there are stupid people and geniuses, and nothing can make stupids into geniuses or the opposite.
  • May 2 2013: ok, how about a kid with the iq of a common squirrel or a guy in a coma from age 5 and never coming out they have literally 0 potential.

    and mmkay? so we agree it's improvement

    and no we are not using our full potential all of us aren't but it's imposible to do so because we do not have the knowledge to tell people what they could be the best at is? until genetic engineering and mapping is common knowledge and easy to do we will never know who is best at what.
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      May 2 2013: A guy with a "IQ of an squirrel" can be taught. (even if he had suffered brain damage, it is possible to turn him into a genius, it would only need different methods.)
      And the guy into a coma, The same thing, Rehabilitation and EFFICIENT teaching.

      So you say that we do not have potential to anything, just for the things our DNA is set to?
      People can be best at the Basic human "internal" skills, and to specialize, just "adjusting" and selecting a "set" of processes would be enough. So, in fact, every person can be a Musician (The "best" would not necessarily be the one with the "best ear".), or an Artist, Or an Aerospacial Engineer!
      An we can even study HOW to teach people to use more efficient "setups".
      • May 2 2013: no i'm sorry but the retarded child would never become a genius and the coma patient never wakes up they have no potential

        because yes your right we have only the max potential that is within our own genes most people will never be a super genius and live up to their potential the world is cruel but we can never be anything more than human that is the limit of our potential
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      • May 2 2013: huh? this isn't your conversation and i could care less of the context i'm just fighting the individual points he has
  • May 2 2013: ok so you an I agree on this except i believe we cannot truly "fix" ourselves for we do not truly know the problem to begin with so how can we treat something that we only know the surface information of?
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      May 2 2013: We do KNOW the problem, even if it is not fully consciously.

      I think you are discarding the unconscious mind and considering people only as "the conscience"
  • May 2 2013: yes i agree, but how does any tiny brained human know what is the best beliefs and logical patterns to adopt? the truth is we don't know in any way. NONE
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      May 2 2013: It seems you belittle yourself.

      Of course a human can know what is "truth".
      Just discard the uncalibrated emotions and the thinking based on it and everything becomes "clear".
      We have our perception (Flawed and still, a lot better than it normally may "seem"), we have our rationality!
      • May 2 2013: we have rationality but we literally no nothing entirely we have barely scratched a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the knowledge of the universe we cannot make truly rational decisions until we do.
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          May 2 2013: We do not need to know EVERYTHING, we just need to think.
          We do have a Gigantic basis of knowledge inside our heads, and most do not use it.
          We can a LOT more than what you are thinking. It's not just the "fully Conscious" thinking.
  • May 2 2013: yes i agree with you because we are not all special nobody is "special" and you're right in that not everyone is continuing evolution we have some going the opposite way.

    Also i'm talking about evolution the constant improvement of a species what's you idea of evolution? change? if that was the case why didn't we become useless blobs that cannot do anything?

    and i'm sorry but we are dumb apes how long have we really been using our brains to its full potential? a thousand years? ten thousand years from now our future ancestors will look upon us just as we do our ape ancestors dumb creative apes and nothing more.
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      May 2 2013: Everyone is special, if they use their potential, that is.

      I'm talking about evolution as the IMPROVEMENT of the species as well. Not PURSUING IT, but Actually DOING it.
      In some ways, a lot of people became.

      We are not using our full potential, we are underestimating ourselves if we believe we are.
  • May 2 2013: yes but are the babies crying more because their genetics make their lungs hurt or their metabolism faster making them hungrier more often and how we treat them learning from us?

    and yes we do become close minded everyone is bias no matter what they say and that is from the most deep rooted morals and beliefs we all have.

    and you're right but i didn't say that beliefs are without logic or reason. Every action has a reason, every belief is from a logic in our brain the logic can easily be flawed though do to errors or environmental factors or perhaps it's that humans are flawed to begin with so irrationality is inevitable.
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      May 2 2013: Like I said, "tendencies".
      They learn their "new set" from the emotional response they get from their parents, and what they were feeling.
      To treat? DEEP therapy for some cases, for others it's actually easy, just to be conscious of the processes beliefs and thoughts is enough to "fix" them. And other "methods".

      It's initially a fully conscious process that becomes automatic, a/an "made-up bias".

      You didn't say that, I did.
      Most beliefs are supported by emotional thinking.
      Things like "My father said it, so it is right!" supported by the respect ("I respect him, I should not defy his thinking" and so on.), and, maybe, the liking.
  • May 2 2013: no people are scared of gays because they are scared of the idea of having butt sex and your right they are opposed to gay marriage because of previous learning (religious families or environment).
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      May 2 2013: Could you reply on the comment I made as reply?
      That way you are commenting may be confusing for other people.
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      May 2 2013: So, Why they are scared of having "butt sex"?
      It's not because it does not exist in their "perception about the world" and it would defy what they think is the "right way to live"?

      Although we call "Learning", just accepting feelings and thoughts imposed to you can REALLY be considered as such?
  • May 2 2013: and we should pursue a better mind what do you think evolution and modern technology and schools are doing? and we believe we are special because we are scared of the fact that we are just a bunch of dumb apes that are selfish to their own individuality and believe they are "special" and one of a kind just like every snowflake and every wave of the ocean is different in its own way. We come up with radical idea to rationalize we are special like religion and ideas like the universe revolves around us but we are truly nothing in the eyes of the universe
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      May 2 2013: They are telling people:
      "You are special without doing a thing, just put more knowledge in that head of yours and do some revolution in the science."
      They do not pursue HUMAN evolution, because they are too worried about the uncalibrated emotions and how we have to agree with it because it's "how people are", without really dealing with them.

      By the way, what "evolution" are you talking about?

      I do not believe we are "dumb apes", I believe that we are just not using our full potential, we are, in capacity, not as dumb as it may seem.
  • May 2 2013: and are you implying genetic preset beliefs and emotions? because your right not dying eating sleeping sex for a couple examples but emotion and beliefs that we learn from our ego? no and we make and react to our own problems in the way we were raised up to believe.
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      May 2 2013: No, no.
      Genetics determine some "configuration" to make we live until we learn a new one.
      Some babies cry a lot and some barely cry (they cry a lot, but proportionally? it's almost nothing.), and then, it's possible that with the new configuration, the "noisy" one becomes real quiet and the "quiet" one becomes an spoiled noisy person.

      So, Just because we are taught to believe what people say without questions we become "static" and close-minded?

      It seems like you think that people are fundamentally immutable because their beliefs are "deep rooted".
      These beliefs, in general, without logical reasoning.
      And, just for the case you say "People are emotional, it's impossible to use reason all the time.", The Emotional Thinking from people is just "misused" rationality.
  • May 2 2013: and no we never get angry or scared for literally no reason (unless you're crazy) put a healthy person in a blank room and see if they get scared or angry for a reason other than you put them in that room. i agree that we shouldn't be arrogant and narrow minded to change like i think you're saying.
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      May 2 2013: Did I said "no reason"? Not really.
      There are reasons behind, most of them related to the "original" feelings.
      For example:
      People that get offended/angry about gay marriage because they think that it THREAT the way they live in some way.
  • May 2 2013: we don't choose how our environment changes us that's impossible that would be like a kid growing up in a christian english speaking house and without any outside influence become a japanese speaking islamic believe gay haha (obviously an extreem) but you get what i mean. Our environment shapes us without us even knowing it it's only later when we have the ego and knowledge (and arrogance) that we resist our environment.
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      May 2 2013: We can't choose how the environment INITIALLY mold us, and we can't choose 100% of how it changes us in "real time".
      Our learning, our perception (and life) is not like a "big thing" as it may seem, it's more like sets of pieces, so, unless you are considering every "set" as one new thing instead of considering the pieces involved and the particular configuration of them that leads to that, you CAN become more efficient internally.