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Infinity exists regardless of mankind's ability to conceptualize it.

Thought experiment:

Let's say we figuratively put everything in existence into a box. In order for that box to take shape as a 6 sided construct, we have essentially created boundaries to what is inside the box and what is outside the box.

What is outside the box is the continuation of infinity whether it be infinite solid, space or matter interspersed with space.

Infinity therefore cannot be bounded and cannot be measured. No limit exists as well as no point of origin. Infinity has always been infinite.

Now due to the universal truth that is infinity and I say that to mean that we can always trust infinity to be the quality of infinite, we can then know that infinity is a quality that can be applicable to an infinite number of qualities.

Infinitely large
Infinitely small
Infinite time
Infinite space
Infinite matter
Infinite levels of intelligence or life forms
Infinite forms of energy
On and on because infinity has room for everything.

Infinity has its concept and function in mathematics, but I think infinity proves itself to exist in the physical realm as well.

If infinity is limited, then educate me on the word that is that which is beyond infinity. If this is so, then our definition of infinity is incorrect.

Thank you

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  • May 9 2013: (Mark Southerland)..."If infinity is limited, then educate me on the word that is that which is beyond infinity. If this is so, then our definition of infinity is incorrect".
    Hi. Let me give it a shot.
    Theory sais that the known universe as we know it 'came' out of the 'big bang'. Is the Universe Infinite at it's present form?
    I dont know, but it exist whether in a infinite or finite form. What about before the 'big bang'? Was there an infinite amount of nothing or infinite amount of something? Again, I dont know. But whether there was 'Nothing' or 'Something', there was an existence of 'IT'.
    Existence...whether infinity exist or has ever existed, it is still contained by existence...So in this train of thought existence is beyond infinity, and before infinity and everything that exist out of infinity...
    Note: Its kinda interesting how in the Torah God calls him self "Haya" which is hebrew for "to exist" or "existence".
    Just my thoughts ;)
    (please forgive any grammatical errors)
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      May 10 2013: Existence would not be beyond infinity. Existence is where and when we and god started contemplating infinity/eternity
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      May 11 2013: I wouldn't say we "and" God. From a religous perspective: Perhaps God alone.

      Infinity has no beginning because: if Infinity encompasses all things then what encompasses infinity? If we localize infinity, what to we pin the idea of localization to? All things together make up the elements of infinity, that is the best we can hope to accomplish.

      Perhaps our Idea of 'Universe' should be limited to the notion: it is an element of reality as opposed to the all, encompassing, set of all things -perhaps it is a mere building block of reality.

      Using the box anology, there is inside the box and outside the box. For the box to exist, it must exist inside inside of something else. If the implication is that something else must exist to house "stuff", then we are not allowed (by reasoning) to limited the deminsions of the constraining environment because all environments are constrained.
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        May 12 2013: I don't see the box as inside and outside. Because once you get out of one box you are just in another box. We are, man and god/gods prisoners of infinity/eternity
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        May 12 2013: Yeah but I don't think we can escape infinity. Unless that's what this is supposed to be? Where we can contemplate it but not "live" it
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        May 14 2013: I can't, in fact I am pretty sure we are

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