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Infinity exists regardless of mankind's ability to conceptualize it.

Thought experiment:

Let's say we figuratively put everything in existence into a box. In order for that box to take shape as a 6 sided construct, we have essentially created boundaries to what is inside the box and what is outside the box.

What is outside the box is the continuation of infinity whether it be infinite solid, space or matter interspersed with space.

Infinity therefore cannot be bounded and cannot be measured. No limit exists as well as no point of origin. Infinity has always been infinite.

Now due to the universal truth that is infinity and I say that to mean that we can always trust infinity to be the quality of infinite, we can then know that infinity is a quality that can be applicable to an infinite number of qualities.

Infinitely large
Infinitely small
Infinite time
Infinite space
Infinite matter
Infinite levels of intelligence or life forms
Infinite forms of energy
On and on because infinity has room for everything.

Infinity has its concept and function in mathematics, but I think infinity proves itself to exist in the physical realm as well.

If infinity is limited, then educate me on the word that is that which is beyond infinity. If this is so, then our definition of infinity is incorrect.

Thank you

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    May 4 2013: Infinite is merely something we cannot currently measure.

    Infinite space because we just cannot measure it. This doesn't mean we will never be able to measure it. So "infinite" is merely a state where modern units of measure do not apply.

    You are thinking of "infinity" as "it goes on forever". That's just not accurate. Infinity does not necessarily mean that something goes on forever. Infinite merely means we cannot possibly measure it given our current understanding of measurement.

    We cannot say anything is infinite. We haven't been far enough into space to determine that it is endless. As a matter of fact the term "endless" goes against everything we know about everything. Everything has a beginning and an end.

    Nothing is the only thing that remains infinite. There is no limit to the size or capacity of nothing.
    • May 4 2013: "Nothing is the only thing that remains infinite. There is no limit to the size or capacity of nothing."
      Therefore infinity exists
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        May 4 2013: I don't believe I said infinity doesn't exist.

        If you are referencing "We cannot say anything is infinite" I think you may have misunderstood.

        Anything would relate to material objects, or objects we can measure. We cannot measure "the amount of stars" because the body of stars in existence is not understood.

        We cannot measure "space" because "space" and it's components are not understood.

        Therefore, we use the word "infinite". It merely means "we cannot possibly measure it" not "it can never be measured".

        Nothing or No thing relates to no material objects within a defined space. You do not have to have limits on "nothing" as it is a state of containing no definable boundaries set by matter or something we can measure.
        • May 5 2013: My point is that while our observed universe thus far in terms of space, matter and various other variables the concept of infinity can be applied to, can be infinitely different in other universes, realms or dimensions.

          In our own universe, we have observed a lot of space interspersed with clusters of matter. That's not to say there are other universes or dimensions made entirely up of energy, solid matter or empty space.
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        May 4 2013: Infinite has nothing to do with growth, and how can you know of something's existence if you also state we cannot perceive it?
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        May 8 2013: The term infinite is not indicative of growth. I'm not sure where you are getting that from. If we are incapable of perceiving something then I can venture to say we are incapable of knowing it exists for sure.

        We cannot ever hope to conceive of something beyond the physical realm. We are unfortunately bound to this physical realm. Death is the only release.
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      May 12 2013: " Infinite is merely something we cannot currently measure. "

      If it is infinit, when will we 'currently' be able to measure it?
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        May 12 2013: Many consider the universe to be infinite. If we are able to reach the outer edges of our universe and measure its mass it is no longer infinite.

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